on the path of the storm

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where were you when Typhoon Milenyo made landfall?

I was in Baclaran, on my way home from my night shift.

To describe it as scary would be an understatement. But the weird thing about it was that my friend and I kept laughing. Well, we were also screaming and cursing during our "adventure". We probably looked like the people on the "Disasters Caught on Tape" type of show.

It was a good thing we found a cab and made it home safely. Thank God!

I learned later that night that had we been delayed by a few minutes, we would have been in the vicinity of the fallen billboard, and possibly gotten hurt. I am really thankful that we got home safely.

I was soaked to the bone when I got home and I was shaking because of the cold and our experience. Which was probably the reason why I slept though the rest of the storm.

When I woke up, the storm had passed and I looked at the aftermath. Our mango tree was partially uprooted and most of the trees on our backyard had been uprooted, bent or cut in half. We didn't know where to start the clean-up, but we were thankful that we didn't get hurt.


Anonymous said...

buti naman hindi ka napaano.. ^_^

ingats dyan at God bless..

Clare said...

good to know you got home ok from that...

weird, my sisters and i were laughing din during the storm! baliw na ang mga pinoy! hahaha!

Jennie said...

hi ninin! katakot, pero para akong tanga, tawa ako ng tawa habang nasa gitna ng bagyo. hehehe!

hi clare! hehehe... baliw na nga tayo. parang nag-enjoy pa sa bagyo no? hahaha!