i miss you

Monday, September 11, 2006

i'm still alive :) i'm just too sleepy when i get home that i don't get to blog as i used to.

i miss my blog and bloghopping.

work has been toxic most nights, but surprisingly i love going to work. that's a first for me :p

i want to blog about so many things: work, my crushie (my new one, haha!), steve irwin's death :(, the 9/11 anniversary, my latest favorite book, tv shows, movies; my stupid callers. i guess it'll all have to wait until next time. :)

toodles, for now!


kai said...

You seem to be very busy, Jennie. Nevermind bloghopping, I hope you still get enough rest. =)

Clare said...

will be looking forward to some stolen shots of the routh-lookalike soon! ;) hehehe!

have a great week mare!

Jennie said...

hi kai :) don't worry, i've had too much rest this weekend. i missed that. :D hope you're doing great!

mare! i still can't take pics of him. ang hirap itakas ng cellphone sa operations area. LOLZ