yup... i'm still wide awake :p

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I didn't go to work tonight. Don't ask me why coz I don't want to tell a lie :p But yeah, I have work and it's early Sunday morning.

It was my day off yesterday and I think I had a bad case of tamad-itis. I blame it all on the cool night air.

It's now almost 2 am and I am still awake. I'm actually the only person awake here at home. I should have gone to work coz my body clock is still on US Pacific Standard Time. My stomach is grumbling coz it's almost time for my first break. Hehehe...

Our program's kick-off party is acheduled for tonight. Free parking, free drinks, free food, games, prizes, fun, fun, fun. Oh, and did I mention the free booze? But it's in Pasig and I'm still having second thoughts. Tangina! I'm really getting older. Years ago, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Or would I?

As usual, rational me made a mental list of pros and cons.

PROS: Free food, drinks, parking, prizes (especially for the team with complete attendance). I'm going to see Superman yet again (ay! that reminds me, I haven't written about him yet :p) , possibly rub elbows with him, if his friends don't put up a barricade around him. Asows, as if naman I'd have the courage to come up to him and say hi. Anyway, back to the list, we've been working too hard and we need to relax and have fun. We're going 24/7 soon so we need to party. It's a good way to bond as a team, so we'd beat the Teletubbies.

Now time for the CONS: No driver means... commuting from Las Pinas to Pasig (are you freaking kidding me?!), I'd rather sleep all day, I don't want to see some people (but I see them everyday anyway, so why does it matter if I'll see them later?).

Looks like the PROS win, but why am I still leaning on not going?

Labo ko noh? :p

Oh, have I told you about my Team Leader? He's so cool! Astig is actually a better word to describe him. I was afraid of him at first, coz I was warned about him, but I'm glad he's my TL. If you look at him, it's like he doesn't care (siga kasi), but when we're on team meetings/coaching, you'd know he's looking out for you. Which is why I don't understand why a team mate doesn't like him (hehehe.. I think I know why, kasi alam na ni TL yung kalokohan, been there, done that kung baga, kaya hindi makaporma yung team mate ko).

I also think he's a good motivator. It's like when our stats are down, nahihiya kami sa kanya dahil mababa, but he doesn't make you feel like you're a failure, unlike a certain TL we call chipmunk. He'd tell us where we need to improve and how to improve and he praises our achievements. My teammates and I, except for 1 or 2, are glad he's our Team Leader.

Anyway, let's talk about my new crushie at work. We call him Superman. As in, he looks like Brandon Routh but he's more masculine. Feeling Lois Lane ako ngayon. Hahahahahaha!

We've spoken to each other 3x in 2 weeks, and all those conversations (if you could call it that) were about work. Actually, he asked my friend for help with a call, but my friend, bless her soul, said she didn't know the answer and asked me. We're smiling buddies but that's about it.

I know I'm not the only one who has a crush on him, heck, even my gay friend saw him first. My friend already knew about him, while he was still in training. LOL! And you can see the eyes of the girls that follow him whenever he walks by. He seems oblivious to it, or maybe he's so used to it by now. Ewan... basta, he's looks like Superman with Clark Kent's hair. Hahaha! Kakaibang description.

Lois Lane mode... ON!

i miss you

Monday, September 11, 2006

i'm still alive :) i'm just too sleepy when i get home that i don't get to blog as i used to.

i miss my blog and bloghopping.

work has been toxic most nights, but surprisingly i love going to work. that's a first for me :p

i want to blog about so many things: work, my crushie (my new one, haha!), steve irwin's death :(, the 9/11 anniversary, my latest favorite book, tv shows, movies; my stupid callers. i guess it'll all have to wait until next time. :)

toodles, for now!