vampire mode na!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm now officially a vampire.

My new work schedule is from 11pm - 8 am.

Ang saya.

More kwento soon. Gotta get ready to go to work :)

PS: I got my first irate caller last night. Hahaha! I froze up at first, but after the call I was laughing lika a loon. Kasi naman ang engot nya eh, pos sa akin sha magagalit. Hahahaha!


joei said...

welcome to the vampire world =P

missP said...

hey, hey, hey... good luck, Jennie!

kat said...

Gosh! Di ko akalain na papasukin mo ang ganitong work! Hehe. Any news on that position you applied for? Good luck and God bless!

dennah said...

vampire din kaya ako? gising din kasi ako sa gabi pag gising si lucy! nyaahhahah!!!

hi, jeeeeeeen!!!!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennie..Ü
I just want to share -- when I was younger, I have always wanted to be a vampire.. a real one. I've been fascinated by the culture, really interesting.

Bout your new schedule... gosh. What do you do to keep you up til the unholy hours of the night? Oh my, I hope you get a better sched soon. Take care Jennie..

Jennie said...

@j0ei and missP: thanks!

@kat: hehehe, di ka nag-iisa. di ko din akalain na papasukin ko ang ganitong work. :p I didn't get the position, but it's okay. my friend who got it is super stressed. anyway, floor support naman ako, so ok na din. :)

@dinah: uy!! vampire ka din! hehehe.. si lucy ayaw ka patulugin. huy.. pumapayat ako sa schedule ko. mwahahahahaha!

@russ: hi! how are you? hehe.. ako din fascinated sa vampires, love vampire movies pero duwag ako eh :p

i now work for a contact solutions provider, hence the schedule. :) ok lang, mejo sanay na ako sa sched ko, plus pumapayat na ako. hihihi! TC!