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Sunday, August 20, 2006

This blog has been super neglected :p

Sorry, blog. But everytime I get home, I feel so tired I just want to go sleep. I want to drown out the annoying, irate voices I've heard all night, and I just want to go straight to dreamland.

When I wake up, it's almost time to go to work and hear those voices again. Which makes me wonder why I like going to work. Well, aside from the good pay and the great benefits, I like the people I work with.

Tomorrow night, however, Wave 2 will be joining us. 35 people in all. They're supposed to be 50, but some didn't make the cut. So our teams were divided again. Boo! I just hope our new teammates would be nice, coz if I don't like the people I work with, I just know that I'll have a hard time getting out of bed and leave for work.

Sidenote: I'm glad I didn't get the SME job. My friend M, who got the job, is always stressed and cranky. His hours are longer, too. Hehehe.. ok na ako as floor support, kuntento na ako sa ginagawa ko ngayon.

I've lost track how many calls I've received the past two weeks, but I know how many irate callers I've had. Those types of calls are hard to forget. Hahaha! Sometimes I get riled up when I've just said my opening spiel and a screaming bitch cuts me and says, "Your company is fooling me! I need to speak to your manager!" WTF did I do to you?! Got up on the wrong side of the bed? Geez.

I've said before that I wouldn't last working for a contact solutions provider, coz patience is not one of my virtues. But I've noticed that I've been keeping my temper in check and my patience is now longer than usual. Heehee! Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Irate calls shouldn't be taken personally, but sometimes it's hard not to. When I get calls like that, I just let her (it's usually a her in my experience :p) rant. Never ever interrupt a freaking biatch, or she'll never stop. :p Try to solve her problem, if not, transfer the call. Then, press the mute button and curse for release. Heehee.

Nakakainis lang yung sigaw ng sigaw tapos kasalanan nila kung bakit may problema, or dahil sa katangahan nila. Di mo naman masabi na, "tatanga-tanga ka, tapos sa akin ka magagalit."

One good call could make the irate call disappear though. A compliment like, "You've been so helpful, thank you." or "You're one of the nicest customer care agent I've spoken to.", makes the annoying biatch go away, and leaves you with a smile on your face. And makes you pray to get more calls like that. :D

I've spoken to kababayans, twice. Both were old ladies who asked if they could speak to me in Tagalog. Fortunately for them, our program isn't that strict. It's okay to tell callers that I'm Filipina or I'm in the Philippines when they ask. The first time a caller asked if we could speak in tagalog, I asked my Team Leader if I'm allowed to, before saying yes. My TL said it's allowed as long as they're the ones who ask to speak in Tagalog.

Hmm.. I wonder what types of calls I'll get tomorrow night? Hay.. I really hope there will be more nice callers than irate ones. Please...


Kai said...

I've always thought that I could make a good call center agent because I believe I can be an effective saleswoman, or something. But it's far more than that, evidently. A lof of my friends, including you, are complaining about callers, most specially those dickheads who are fond of discriminating people of color. Hay naku, talagang di ako makakatagal sa ganyan. That's why I really admire your patience. Iba kayo! (;

G said...

*giggles! Smiles and Nods a lottt!*

I so agree with everything u say! mwahaha! Best friend ko ang mute button dati ano! Hahaha! Aww, namimiss ko na tuloy ang aking mga katakot-takot na mga tangertz na customers! WAHAHA!!

Funny lang I learned more tagalog words working in a call center.

macha-challenge k tlga, pro matututo kang mag control ng mga tao in the future (pwede mo ring sabihing matututo kang mag UTO ng uber uber and to the MAAXX!lalo na kung sayo na yung mga escalations! WAHAHA!) Hehe I see it as an addition to your already existing super powers, hehehe!

See! See! Ur enjoying yaself! Divuh? Divuh? Divuh!!! =P'

Clare said...

hi mare!!! nice to know you're enjoying your new job kahit na super busy ka...that's what counts naman di ba?

grabe was sick for a whole week! i'm not ok yet but had to go to work na or i'll be so swamped!

hope we can chat again sometime. ingat!

kat said...

I suppose one of the biggest challenges an agent can have is dealing with a client whose anger has already blocked all reason. Kahit na gano mo pa cya i-try na ipacify, no go. Sometimes, even if you tell them na "Ok, we'll fix it," they're still not happy. The worse is if they're the ones at fault, but they blame you, the product, the company. I noticed that they want to leech free support for as much as they can. I would too, but I'll try to be nice. Hehe.

Glad to see you're surviving it there. ^_^

Jennie said...

@kai: thnaks! :) sales savvy is a good advantage to have, specially if you're in inbound/outbound sales. i think patience is one of the most important virtues to have in this kind of job, and the ability to shake the bad vibes off and laugh about it, too. you'd need lots of that because you would encounter a lot of different personalities. the a-holes will always be there, unfortunately. hehe.. kailangan ko pa din mg mas mahabang patience and the mute button is my best friend. :p

Jennie said...

G! ampfft! best friend ko na adin ang mute button. my gosh, yung quadrant namin nagiging quadrant ng irate agents. hahaha! actually, i har a lot of colorful language on the whole floor. heehee!

magalingmang-uto? hehehe.. as my trainer said, "it's not what you say, but how you say it." mwahahahaa!

ayoko ng escalations. tatanda agad ako pag ganun :p

Jennie said...

@clare: mare! i miss talking to you. grabe, been so busy lately. actualy, pagod din eh. when i get home talagang derecho kama, paggising ko gabi na. :p

naku, nagkasakit ka pala. i hope you're ok now. naku! wag magpakamartir. magpahinga ka, mas importante ang health mo. :) take care always!

Jennie said...

@kat: hallo! naku, that's so true. sometimes i get frustrated when i talk to people like that. that's why i love the mute button. hihi! i've also noticed that most people i've talked to would say anything just get free credits. as in huling-huli na, ipagpipilitan pa. hahaha! hay kaloka. but i've also encountered really nice people. I just wish I get more of them. :)

uy, good luck with your new venture ;) tc!