training week two

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am so glad the second training week is over.

No, the whole week wasn't toxic, just the last day. But I think it wouldn't have felt that way if the new trainer didn't join us.

The week started right for me. I've been enjoying our training, especially the company of my co-trainees. I swear this batch is awesome. I'm at ease with everyone and I can talk to anyone about anything under the sun. Basta, masaya kami.

Then, two new trainers joined us and my favorite trainer was on leave for two days. I'll call them Squidward & Spongebob.

Spongebob was alright, even if there were instances I couldn't understand him coz he tends to eat some of his words. He's not as articulate as my favorite trainer, but he speaks well.

Squidward on the other hand, well... simply put, I don't like him. Because 1. he's condescending; 2. he thinks like he's God's gift to women 3. his jokes aren't funny, 4. his voice is grating to the ears. Hahahahaha! I am so bad.

I tried not to dislike him. I really did. I even gave him the benefit of the doubt. Like, maybe he was like that because he tries too hard for our class to like him the way we like our first two trainers.

On Wednesday, we had our Communications Assessment and we were asked to prepare a 3 minute speech. The topic was "our most embarrassing moments". I volunteered to go third, because I didn't want to go the group Squidward & Spongebob would be assessing. I made the right choice, because the ones that went to their group had a grilling, while the ones who went to our favorite trainers, had a good time. It was just like talking to a friend about your most embarrassing booboo. It didn't feel like a test and it wasn't like speech class. I was at ease.

On the other hand, if I was assessed by Squidward & Spongebob, I know I wouldn't have done well. I wouldn't feel comfortable telling them about my most embarrassing moment, and I would have flubbed the test.

Then, Friday came and it was time for our call simulation. I was nervous coz even if I know what to do, I had no idea what situation I'd be handling. I had decided the night before that I wouldn't do my call simulation with my favorite trainers coz I'd feel embarrassed. I heard Spongebob say that he doesn't know how to act like an irate caller, so I decided I'd volunteer for his group. Squidward, on the other hand, relishes the irate caller part. I thought I could handle him, because I knew what to expect. Was I ever wrong.

I was on the Operations Floor, I had my headset on and I was waiting for the call to come. The voice I heard on the other line was Squidward. ARGH! He was nice at the start of the call, but towards the middle he was becoming irate and started talking about nothing but eating a freaking noodle! I couldn't direct the conversation to the problem coz he was rambling about noodles. I put him on hold (politely of course), at the guise of verifying his concern. While he was on hold, I let my frustrations out. I started cursing him to high heavens (under my breath, so I wouldn't distract the agents on the floor getting real calls).

Thankfully, I was able to help him with his problem and the call ended smoothly. I was on my way back to the training room and as I passed by him, he gave me the thumb's up and said, "O bumubuntung-hininga ka na kanina ah." And I said, "No, I wasn't. I remember panicking coz your questions were confusing, but I didn't sigh." He didn't react and just told me to please call the next person.

After my call simulation, I took pictures of everyone. I brought the digicam that day, and it also brought out the camwhores in everyone. Hehehe. I felt a lot better, although at the back of my mind, I was thinking, what if he gives me a low score?

I passed the call simulation and I liked my score. I, however, didn't like one particular comment he wrote. He said that he wasn't satisfied after the call because I sounded exasperated and sighed. I really don't remember sighing, so I asked if the call sim. was recorded so I could hear it back. My favorite trainer said it wasn't recorded and even if I didn't sigh but just breathed heavily coz I was nervous, to the caller (Squidward) it could have sounded like exasperation. Hay... asar.

What's even more annoying about having the call sim with Squidward, was that he was on speakerphone. As in, the whole operations area could hear my responses to him. How embarrassing was that?! It was also irritating because I could hear his voice on my headset, I could hear him on the background coz his voice is really loud, and I could hear my voice coming out of the speakerphone, a few seconds delayed. It was like hearing an echo. Boo!

Oh well, I really hope Squidward won't be back this week. My week would be so much better if he's not there.

Hay, I miss blogging and I haven't bloghopped in weeks. Yikes! So sorry friends, when my schedule is better, I will do my rounds. :) Hope you're all doing great.


Clare said...

busy girl! parang naasara agad ako dun kay squidward a...di ako puwede sa call center...maldita ako masyado malamang may nakaaway na ako. lol!

Toni said...

easy lang! trabaho lang yan! wag magpapaapi! :D

Jennie said...

Clare: Asar diba? Nakakagigil! He didn't join our training class this week. I think he's back in Libis, tormenting other newbies. :p Good luck to them.

I'm actually dreading getting irate calls, coz you know how impatient and quick-tempered I am. I'd have to bite my tongue, para hindi ko patulan. Hahaha!

Toni: Hello! Hehehe.. actually, I've put a positive spin to it. He was obnoxious because he was preparing us for irate callers. ;)