training week three

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Spongebob & Squidward didn't join us for training this week.


I guess that one word summed it all up, didn't it? :p

Anyway, training week three should have been training week one for Client Specifics, but unfortunately, our American Trainers and the trainer from Cebu haven't arrived yet. Because of this, training week three was like review week. It made me feel like I was in High School Speech class all over again. We had speeches, debates and role playing. I guess it was alright coz it made us more at ease.

I especially loved the group sharing we had. It affirmed my earlier observation that Wave One was a tight-knit group. It was also heartwarming to know how the other people in the group felt about each one of us.

The next day we had debates, which I actually missed doing. I wasn't a member of the debate society for nothing, even if most of my work there was as a judge and not as a debater. Hehehe.

On Thursday, some of my team mates and I went to Glorietta to buy a gift for one of our trainers. It was her birthday yesterday, but she was gonna be on birthday leave, so we decided to give her gift last Thursday. My favorite trainer gave us extra time during lunch so we'd have enough time, but we still had to hurry.

When we got to Glorietta, we immediately went straight to Kid's Station and purchased her favorite character's stuffed toy. Our group split up, one half going to KFC to preorder our lunch, while the other half waited for stuffed toy to be giftwrapped. We got back to PBCom 10 minutes late, but since I texted my favorite trainer, he stalled and didn't go to the training room until he got my text that we were back.

S loved her gift, but I think L loved it more, coz he kept hugging the big stuffed toy. Hahaha!

It was also on Thursday that we learned about the Training Group needing additional Junior Trainees, which they called SMEs or Subject Matter Experts. Our account is a new account (thus, we're called Wave One), and they're expecting at least 300 newbies this year alone. The training group wouldn't be able to handle the large volume of newbies, so they need a support team. During the times S & L and the other trainers can't conduct trainings coz they're training another group, or they're in Cebu, the SMEs would take over. SMEs will still take in calls, but will be pulled out if they're needed in training.

I was one of the 13 persons who signified their intention to try out for the two open positions. Only the top 5 would be interviewed and I was one of the fortunate ones. :D My interview is scheduled for Monday. Wish me luck :D

Last night was the end of Foundation Training, we'll be heading off to Client Specific Training next week, so we had an Awards Night, last night. Hehehe. I already tallied the votes the night before and I was tasked by L to make the Certificates, so I didn't join most of the training class last night, which was great. Hahaha!

After training, it was decided that the "awarding ceremonies" and team bonding would be held at our teammate, Kim's condo unit. It didn't push through coz the rooftop wasn't available. After a series of unfortunate events (haha!) it was decided that we'd return to PBCom Tower, and walk the short distance to Gerry's Grill Insular Plaza. We had late dinner, some drinks and the awarding began.

Obviously, I wasn't surprised who won which awards but it was still fun. Especially because I won two. Heehee!

And that was the end of our "petiks" week, as one of my team mates called it.

Next week would be serious week coz I saw the 500 page manuals we're going to use for Client Specific Training. Kamusta naman yon?


Clare said...

parang nakakapagod ang work mo mare ha, but then again it seems your having fun naman so i'm happy for you!

i miss our chats na!

Kai said...

It's nice to see that you're having fun with your new job. (:

Jennie said...

hi clare! kapagod kasi ang daming info na kailangan i-process and i-remember. :) but i am having fun, coz my teammates and i work well together.

sobra! miss ko na din yung chats natin! hope to talk to you soon. i read your email, will reply asap. matapos lang ang demo ko. :) dami ko kwento!

hello kai! thank you :) di na ako nakakabloghop. i miss reading your blog. hope you're okay! TC always