training week one

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm baaack!

Yup, and with a better disposition. :)

Ginny was right. I am a worry-wart. And it was proven on my last blog entry.

I was so worried about the new job and the adjustments I had to make, that I completely overlooked the fact the I might like it. Even just a little bit.

Most of the time I'm brimming with positivity, but I admit that there are times that negativity just consumes me. :p Read my previous entry and you'll know what I mean.

My first week of training is over and I can now say that I am happy. Happy that I have a new job that not only pays well, but also takes care of it's employees.

My employers occupy 5 floors on PBCom Tower and all floors have pantries (with free & unlimited coffee - latte, cappuccino, black, espresso, chocolate - hot or cold, milo slush, iced tea, green tea, and of course, water. hehe.) Two floors, I think, have game rooms (with magic sing, foosball, game boards, big screen tv, PS2, DVDs), and another floor has a sleeping area (with comfy beds!). Aside from these office perks, we periodically have "special days" like, Spa Day (free facial & massage for everyone), Movie Day (free movie for everyone with unlimited popcorn & drinks), Arcade Day, or whatever-else-day the events team could come up with. I haven't mentioned every perk coz if I do, this entry would be longer than what I've intended it to be. :p

I am thankful that the above-mentioned perks are there, because there are stressful, toxic days. And although I haven't experienced it yet, I know I will have those days. Having the perks will make it easier for us employees. Mababaw lang naman kaligayahan ko, kaya tuwang-tuwa ako dun. Hahaha!

The first two days of training were held in Libis, and I was very tired at the end of each day. Not only because the Libis office is really far from where I live, but also because the training area was a bit small for a large group of people. The room was cramped, too. Which was why I was ecstatic when I learned that the next 8 days of training will be held in Makati.

We're not sure yet where we will be permanently assigned, but our trainors said that we'd most probably be assigned in Makati or in Alabang, when it opens next month. Yey! I really hope so, because I know I'll have a hard time if I'll be in Libis.

Wednesday to Friday training days were many times better than the first two days. Our group was smaller and our trainors were energetic, clear communicators. I wasn't bored at all. I guess it helped that one of my trainors is the sister of my Grade School & High School batchmate, and that we came from the same school. We had some things in common and we came from the same school culture, so we jive. Plus, our other trainor is very entertaining. He's like a one-man-boy-band. I swear he sang parts of all the famous songs from every boy band last night, while we were answering some "tests". And he did it complete with choreography. Needless to say, tears were streaming down my cheeks because I was laughing so hard.

My co-trainees and I also get along well, which is really good, coz we'll be handling the same account. Even if we will be divided into teams, I know I can work well with anyone of them. There's never a dull moment and even if we're in training, laughter isn't scarce.

Training doesn't feel like training and I am enjoying it, because I know that when we'll have our floor assignments, things will be different.

I've listed the things I like about my training and my new job, but I haven't listed the best part.

I have a new crush, and he's my co-trainee.

And that's the real reason I'm excited to go to work everyday. Hahahahahahahaha!

God, this feels so high school.

But at least I'm motivated. Heehee!


Kai said...

An eye-candy is a solid motivation to go to work, just like in school. Haha. Have a grand time, Jennie! (:

van said...

hmmmm.. lemme guess... you're working at etelecare, right? :D

Jennie said...

Kai: Correct! Right now I am so motivated. Hahaha! Thanks :)

van: Hi. :) Thanks for the visit.

Hehehe.. I wasn't gonna mention the company, but you're right, I work there. ;) I guess I put in too many clues. :p

graveyaaaarrd_zombie said...

i have the same guess as van's. :)

first time in a call center my dear? i'm sure you'll enjoy it! there's nothing like the call ctr world. :) hay miss ko tuloy ulet...

good luck on ur new job jennie!

ooohh...and kwento ka about ur crush ok! :D ok yan motivated ka :)

Jennie said...

JAR: yup first time. as of now i am enjoying it, but on toxic days, i'm sure i won't enjoy. hahahaha!

thanks! you know what I like the most (except for my crush, of course)? the unlimited coffee. i have coffee addiction relapse. LOL

my crush is younger than me... but who cares? age doesn't matter, hihi!

Ginny said...

^_^ touch nman akow, ispeyshul mention si akow! :'> haha!!

Damn, lipat kya ako jan?? Dami nyong perks ah! free spa totally caught my attention!

Hahaha! D way u described ur CCT trainer, parang "evolved" version ni Mr. Literature nung highschool (forgot his name). WAAHAHA!! CCT is da best! Email n lang kta later bka maging nobela yung comment post ko.

^_^ Im glad ur enjoying urself! Uyyy, more details on the boylet! ;) HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

haha! astig yung ambience ng workplace mo ate.. ^^; buti pa dyan, may mga "special days".. pero ok lang naman yung pinagtatrabahuhan ko kasi pwede ka magsubmit ng trabaho kung kelan mo lang gusto pumasok.. hehehe..

saang mga countries natawag yung call center nyo?

dennah said...

aha! boy-crazy! nyahahaha!

buti enjoy ka, jen, magaling yan! kita mo nga't mabilis lang ang araw dahil madaming pagkakaabalahan... lalo na si crush, hihihi.

Jennie said...

Ginny: tara lipat na dito ;)

ahahah! you must be referring to Mr. Vista. :p But nope, our trainer isn't gay.

details on the boylet? hehehe... wag na muna, i don't wanna jinx it. :D

giannina: saya no? kaya nawala yung apprehensions ko before eh. :) i hope you're enjoying your job, too.

the account i'm with particularly caters to Americans. Yung ibang accounts international, pero bulk of our calls come from the US mainland.

dins: haluuu! yup, enjoy ang lola mo :p at least kahit may toxic days, nanjan si crushie to make things better. bwahahahaha! miss ko na blogging at YM!