training week four

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last week was a week of rollercoaster-like emotions.

I was very excited to go to work last Monday because it was the first day of Client Specifics. I was almost late because our driver was his usual "nawawala-sa-sarili-mode". There was also a typhoon, and MMDA Metro Guapo decided to paint the center island of the Magallanes Flyover. How stupid was that?

I arrived at the training room with 2 minutes to spare. Since I was the last to arrive, everyone was looking at me because, 1. I'm always an hour early :p and 2. I had a hair cut. (I had to badger my sister to cut my hair the night before. I dunno, I just had the urge to chop off half of it.)

As I was on my way to my seat, I heard an arrogant male voice behind me. He was looking for our trainer and when he found out who our trainer was, he didn't like it because 1. She's young 2. She's an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and not someone from the Client Company. I didn't like the guy, who we call Kilay2000, because he was so arrogant, specially toward our new trainer. It turned out that he was from the Client Company and he was there to train Tech Support. I didn't care though. His behavior was uncalled for coz he was demeaning our trainer and he hasn't even seen her conduct a training. Major A-hole talaga!

He was the reason we started late for training. Hmmp. Then before he left the room, he told us: "You better listen to her because if you don't get at least 80 on the test later, you're out of the team". WTF?! We haven't even started training then, and he tells us we're having a test and we're out if we don't pass?! Kaines!

The room went back to normal when the guy left. Training began and before we knew it, it was time for our test. Great. It was computer generated, so when we submitted it, our test results automatically appeared.

Yikes! I got a low score and I felt nauseous. I heard lots of groans, so I assumed other people got low scores too. Fortunately, our trainer would still manually check our test, coz the essay questions weren't checked by the program.

Even if she said that the scores we saw were not our final scores, I couldn't sleep that night. I thought, what if I don't get check marks for any of my essays? I could be out of the team. :(

The next day, I was early. I texted L, our former trainer, now our classmate for Client Specs. I told him to text me if I passed or not, so I wouldn't go to PBCom anymore if I didn't. He texted back: "Just pray." Nyah. that made me more nervous.

Our scores were announced before training started. I was the 4th one to be called and when the trainer showed me my grade, I couldn't believe it. I PASSED! I had to look 3x and asked her twice, "Are you sure that's my grade?" I was so happy that I got a higher score than I expected, I hugged our trainer.

It was sad though, coz some of my teammates didn't make it. :( And they were the people I felt closest to. :(

The rest of the week was like a blur. I felt like I had information overload coz there was too much to take in.

We moved from the 16/F training room to the 12th coz it was bigger. And I was glad coz it was the same floor, our former teammates were assigned to, while they were waiting for their new account. :)

On Thursday, trainer L. announced that the 5 people they chose as candidates for the SME position (me included), would be interviewed the next day. I was nervous again. Hehehe. I'd really like the job, but I'm nervous about the process of getting it.

My 4 teammates and I arrived early on Friday and we were interviewed by Miss J. She was nice. And I felt at ease during my interview, evern if my tummy felt like it was doing somersaults. I hoped to get in, but the 4 people I was with were good, as well as the 10 people from another account who were interviewed before us.

The two people from our team called back for a demo this Monday, were announced after lunch. My name was the last one mentioned. YEY! I passed the 2nd screening. :D I was speechless, coz I didn't expect to be called. But I was very ecstatic, too. Until our trainers said we were going to present a 15 minute demo on Monday morning. In front of a panel, with Miss J, some of the trainers, and possibly the client (erg, Kilay2000).

I should be practicing for my demo. And I should be revising my Powerpoint Presentation. But I am here, stalling for time. Nyar.

I should go. I have to ace this demo, coz I want the position and the privilege to be an SME really badly.

Mom, pakibulong naman kay God, sana makuha ko. Pero kung hindi, ok lang. At least isa ako sa 4 na napili out of 15 who tried out. :)


Clare said...

good luck mare! balitaan mo ako ha!

G said...

Ate Jen soz my sites on a lock down, d pesky annoying "anti-me but wanna-be me" has been stalking my profiles kze, havent been able to update u about anything sorry I said id email pro been kinda bz rin, I left cvg after the 15th, m now working as an admin for some company (day job), somewhere near pbcom din, i chanegd email adds u shouldve received an email change notification, Hmnn for what position is that? its usualy 15 mins presentation n all u need is to talk ur heart out n explain d topic thoroughly, look like u know what ur talkin abt n know how to answer dem pips questions like ur ontoppa d world lol! ANYWHOO! EYYY! I hope u got d position u wanted! just keep singging... I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! I think about it every night and day! Spread my wings and fly away!! I believe I can soar! (WAAAAAHAHAHA!! SHYT DI PA KO KUMAKAIN! hahaha) ^_^ I believe nman u can do it, I really really hope U get it though, I know u can (hanep sa cheering, suparrr!) wahaha! ;-) MMMMMMMWAH! mahaba na to, chique na! MWAH MWAH! I hope ur havin lotsa fuuunn! ^_^ Till next time!