training week four

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last week was a week of rollercoaster-like emotions.

I was very excited to go to work last Monday because it was the first day of Client Specifics. I was almost late because our driver was his usual "nawawala-sa-sarili-mode". There was also a typhoon, and MMDA Metro Guapo decided to paint the center island of the Magallanes Flyover. How stupid was that?

I arrived at the training room with 2 minutes to spare. Since I was the last to arrive, everyone was looking at me because, 1. I'm always an hour early :p and 2. I had a hair cut. (I had to badger my sister to cut my hair the night before. I dunno, I just had the urge to chop off half of it.)

As I was on my way to my seat, I heard an arrogant male voice behind me. He was looking for our trainer and when he found out who our trainer was, he didn't like it because 1. She's young 2. She's an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and not someone from the Client Company. I didn't like the guy, who we call Kilay2000, because he was so arrogant, specially toward our new trainer. It turned out that he was from the Client Company and he was there to train Tech Support. I didn't care though. His behavior was uncalled for coz he was demeaning our trainer and he hasn't even seen her conduct a training. Major A-hole talaga!

He was the reason we started late for training. Hmmp. Then before he left the room, he told us: "You better listen to her because if you don't get at least 80 on the test later, you're out of the team". WTF?! We haven't even started training then, and he tells us we're having a test and we're out if we don't pass?! Kaines!

The room went back to normal when the guy left. Training began and before we knew it, it was time for our test. Great. It was computer generated, so when we submitted it, our test results automatically appeared.

Yikes! I got a low score and I felt nauseous. I heard lots of groans, so I assumed other people got low scores too. Fortunately, our trainer would still manually check our test, coz the essay questions weren't checked by the program.

Even if she said that the scores we saw were not our final scores, I couldn't sleep that night. I thought, what if I don't get check marks for any of my essays? I could be out of the team. :(

The next day, I was early. I texted L, our former trainer, now our classmate for Client Specs. I told him to text me if I passed or not, so I wouldn't go to PBCom anymore if I didn't. He texted back: "Just pray." Nyah. that made me more nervous.

Our scores were announced before training started. I was the 4th one to be called and when the trainer showed me my grade, I couldn't believe it. I PASSED! I had to look 3x and asked her twice, "Are you sure that's my grade?" I was so happy that I got a higher score than I expected, I hugged our trainer.

It was sad though, coz some of my teammates didn't make it. :( And they were the people I felt closest to. :(

The rest of the week was like a blur. I felt like I had information overload coz there was too much to take in.

We moved from the 16/F training room to the 12th coz it was bigger. And I was glad coz it was the same floor, our former teammates were assigned to, while they were waiting for their new account. :)

On Thursday, trainer L. announced that the 5 people they chose as candidates for the SME position (me included), would be interviewed the next day. I was nervous again. Hehehe. I'd really like the job, but I'm nervous about the process of getting it.

My 4 teammates and I arrived early on Friday and we were interviewed by Miss J. She was nice. And I felt at ease during my interview, evern if my tummy felt like it was doing somersaults. I hoped to get in, but the 4 people I was with were good, as well as the 10 people from another account who were interviewed before us.

The two people from our team called back for a demo this Monday, were announced after lunch. My name was the last one mentioned. YEY! I passed the 2nd screening. :D I was speechless, coz I didn't expect to be called. But I was very ecstatic, too. Until our trainers said we were going to present a 15 minute demo on Monday morning. In front of a panel, with Miss J, some of the trainers, and possibly the client (erg, Kilay2000).

I should be practicing for my demo. And I should be revising my Powerpoint Presentation. But I am here, stalling for time. Nyar.

I should go. I have to ace this demo, coz I want the position and the privilege to be an SME really badly.

Mom, pakibulong naman kay God, sana makuha ko. Pero kung hindi, ok lang. At least isa ako sa 4 na napili out of 15 who tried out. :)

training week three

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Spongebob & Squidward didn't join us for training this week.


I guess that one word summed it all up, didn't it? :p

Anyway, training week three should have been training week one for Client Specifics, but unfortunately, our American Trainers and the trainer from Cebu haven't arrived yet. Because of this, training week three was like review week. It made me feel like I was in High School Speech class all over again. We had speeches, debates and role playing. I guess it was alright coz it made us more at ease.

I especially loved the group sharing we had. It affirmed my earlier observation that Wave One was a tight-knit group. It was also heartwarming to know how the other people in the group felt about each one of us.

The next day we had debates, which I actually missed doing. I wasn't a member of the debate society for nothing, even if most of my work there was as a judge and not as a debater. Hehehe.

On Thursday, some of my team mates and I went to Glorietta to buy a gift for one of our trainers. It was her birthday yesterday, but she was gonna be on birthday leave, so we decided to give her gift last Thursday. My favorite trainer gave us extra time during lunch so we'd have enough time, but we still had to hurry.

When we got to Glorietta, we immediately went straight to Kid's Station and purchased her favorite character's stuffed toy. Our group split up, one half going to KFC to preorder our lunch, while the other half waited for stuffed toy to be giftwrapped. We got back to PBCom 10 minutes late, but since I texted my favorite trainer, he stalled and didn't go to the training room until he got my text that we were back.

S loved her gift, but I think L loved it more, coz he kept hugging the big stuffed toy. Hahaha!

It was also on Thursday that we learned about the Training Group needing additional Junior Trainees, which they called SMEs or Subject Matter Experts. Our account is a new account (thus, we're called Wave One), and they're expecting at least 300 newbies this year alone. The training group wouldn't be able to handle the large volume of newbies, so they need a support team. During the times S & L and the other trainers can't conduct trainings coz they're training another group, or they're in Cebu, the SMEs would take over. SMEs will still take in calls, but will be pulled out if they're needed in training.

I was one of the 13 persons who signified their intention to try out for the two open positions. Only the top 5 would be interviewed and I was one of the fortunate ones. :D My interview is scheduled for Monday. Wish me luck :D

Last night was the end of Foundation Training, we'll be heading off to Client Specific Training next week, so we had an Awards Night, last night. Hehehe. I already tallied the votes the night before and I was tasked by L to make the Certificates, so I didn't join most of the training class last night, which was great. Hahaha!

After training, it was decided that the "awarding ceremonies" and team bonding would be held at our teammate, Kim's condo unit. It didn't push through coz the rooftop wasn't available. After a series of unfortunate events (haha!) it was decided that we'd return to PBCom Tower, and walk the short distance to Gerry's Grill Insular Plaza. We had late dinner, some drinks and the awarding began.

Obviously, I wasn't surprised who won which awards but it was still fun. Especially because I won two. Heehee!

And that was the end of our "petiks" week, as one of my team mates called it.

Next week would be serious week coz I saw the 500 page manuals we're going to use for Client Specific Training. Kamusta naman yon?

training week two

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am so glad the second training week is over.

No, the whole week wasn't toxic, just the last day. But I think it wouldn't have felt that way if the new trainer didn't join us.

The week started right for me. I've been enjoying our training, especially the company of my co-trainees. I swear this batch is awesome. I'm at ease with everyone and I can talk to anyone about anything under the sun. Basta, masaya kami.

Then, two new trainers joined us and my favorite trainer was on leave for two days. I'll call them Squidward & Spongebob.

Spongebob was alright, even if there were instances I couldn't understand him coz he tends to eat some of his words. He's not as articulate as my favorite trainer, but he speaks well.

Squidward on the other hand, well... simply put, I don't like him. Because 1. he's condescending; 2. he thinks like he's God's gift to women 3. his jokes aren't funny, 4. his voice is grating to the ears. Hahahahaha! I am so bad.

I tried not to dislike him. I really did. I even gave him the benefit of the doubt. Like, maybe he was like that because he tries too hard for our class to like him the way we like our first two trainers.

On Wednesday, we had our Communications Assessment and we were asked to prepare a 3 minute speech. The topic was "our most embarrassing moments". I volunteered to go third, because I didn't want to go the group Squidward & Spongebob would be assessing. I made the right choice, because the ones that went to their group had a grilling, while the ones who went to our favorite trainers, had a good time. It was just like talking to a friend about your most embarrassing booboo. It didn't feel like a test and it wasn't like speech class. I was at ease.

On the other hand, if I was assessed by Squidward & Spongebob, I know I wouldn't have done well. I wouldn't feel comfortable telling them about my most embarrassing moment, and I would have flubbed the test.

Then, Friday came and it was time for our call simulation. I was nervous coz even if I know what to do, I had no idea what situation I'd be handling. I had decided the night before that I wouldn't do my call simulation with my favorite trainers coz I'd feel embarrassed. I heard Spongebob say that he doesn't know how to act like an irate caller, so I decided I'd volunteer for his group. Squidward, on the other hand, relishes the irate caller part. I thought I could handle him, because I knew what to expect. Was I ever wrong.

I was on the Operations Floor, I had my headset on and I was waiting for the call to come. The voice I heard on the other line was Squidward. ARGH! He was nice at the start of the call, but towards the middle he was becoming irate and started talking about nothing but eating a freaking noodle! I couldn't direct the conversation to the problem coz he was rambling about noodles. I put him on hold (politely of course), at the guise of verifying his concern. While he was on hold, I let my frustrations out. I started cursing him to high heavens (under my breath, so I wouldn't distract the agents on the floor getting real calls).

Thankfully, I was able to help him with his problem and the call ended smoothly. I was on my way back to the training room and as I passed by him, he gave me the thumb's up and said, "O bumubuntung-hininga ka na kanina ah." And I said, "No, I wasn't. I remember panicking coz your questions were confusing, but I didn't sigh." He didn't react and just told me to please call the next person.

After my call simulation, I took pictures of everyone. I brought the digicam that day, and it also brought out the camwhores in everyone. Hehehe. I felt a lot better, although at the back of my mind, I was thinking, what if he gives me a low score?

I passed the call simulation and I liked my score. I, however, didn't like one particular comment he wrote. He said that he wasn't satisfied after the call because I sounded exasperated and sighed. I really don't remember sighing, so I asked if the call sim. was recorded so I could hear it back. My favorite trainer said it wasn't recorded and even if I didn't sigh but just breathed heavily coz I was nervous, to the caller (Squidward) it could have sounded like exasperation. Hay... asar.

What's even more annoying about having the call sim with Squidward, was that he was on speakerphone. As in, the whole operations area could hear my responses to him. How embarrassing was that?! It was also irritating because I could hear his voice on my headset, I could hear him on the background coz his voice is really loud, and I could hear my voice coming out of the speakerphone, a few seconds delayed. It was like hearing an echo. Boo!

Oh well, I really hope Squidward won't be back this week. My week would be so much better if he's not there.

Hay, I miss blogging and I haven't bloghopped in weeks. Yikes! So sorry friends, when my schedule is better, I will do my rounds. :) Hope you're all doing great.

training week one

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm baaack!

Yup, and with a better disposition. :)

Ginny was right. I am a worry-wart. And it was proven on my last blog entry.

I was so worried about the new job and the adjustments I had to make, that I completely overlooked the fact the I might like it. Even just a little bit.

Most of the time I'm brimming with positivity, but I admit that there are times that negativity just consumes me. :p Read my previous entry and you'll know what I mean.

My first week of training is over and I can now say that I am happy. Happy that I have a new job that not only pays well, but also takes care of it's employees.

My employers occupy 5 floors on PBCom Tower and all floors have pantries (with free & unlimited coffee - latte, cappuccino, black, espresso, chocolate - hot or cold, milo slush, iced tea, green tea, and of course, water. hehe.) Two floors, I think, have game rooms (with magic sing, foosball, game boards, big screen tv, PS2, DVDs), and another floor has a sleeping area (with comfy beds!). Aside from these office perks, we periodically have "special days" like, Spa Day (free facial & massage for everyone), Movie Day (free movie for everyone with unlimited popcorn & drinks), Arcade Day, or whatever-else-day the events team could come up with. I haven't mentioned every perk coz if I do, this entry would be longer than what I've intended it to be. :p

I am thankful that the above-mentioned perks are there, because there are stressful, toxic days. And although I haven't experienced it yet, I know I will have those days. Having the perks will make it easier for us employees. Mababaw lang naman kaligayahan ko, kaya tuwang-tuwa ako dun. Hahaha!

The first two days of training were held in Libis, and I was very tired at the end of each day. Not only because the Libis office is really far from where I live, but also because the training area was a bit small for a large group of people. The room was cramped, too. Which was why I was ecstatic when I learned that the next 8 days of training will be held in Makati.

We're not sure yet where we will be permanently assigned, but our trainors said that we'd most probably be assigned in Makati or in Alabang, when it opens next month. Yey! I really hope so, because I know I'll have a hard time if I'll be in Libis.

Wednesday to Friday training days were many times better than the first two days. Our group was smaller and our trainors were energetic, clear communicators. I wasn't bored at all. I guess it helped that one of my trainors is the sister of my Grade School & High School batchmate, and that we came from the same school. We had some things in common and we came from the same school culture, so we jive. Plus, our other trainor is very entertaining. He's like a one-man-boy-band. I swear he sang parts of all the famous songs from every boy band last night, while we were answering some "tests". And he did it complete with choreography. Needless to say, tears were streaming down my cheeks because I was laughing so hard.

My co-trainees and I also get along well, which is really good, coz we'll be handling the same account. Even if we will be divided into teams, I know I can work well with anyone of them. There's never a dull moment and even if we're in training, laughter isn't scarce.

Training doesn't feel like training and I am enjoying it, because I know that when we'll have our floor assignments, things will be different.

I've listed the things I like about my training and my new job, but I haven't listed the best part.

I have a new crush, and he's my co-trainee.

And that's the real reason I'm excited to go to work everyday. Hahahahahahahaha!

God, this feels so high school.

But at least I'm motivated. Heehee!