ebooks muna ako ;)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I just realized that my last blog entry was days ago. :p I've been preoccupied with downloading and reading ebooks lately. I am so loving it! Thank you DSL for making downloading easier for me. And thank you, Clare for telling me about the book you downloaded, and for giving me the url. :D

Naloka ako sa dami ng ebooks! Salamat din at 100GB ang memory ng PC namin. Ang saya-saya! :D

I shall be back after I've read all the ebooks I've downloaded. ;)



Ginny PiE said...

HOWDY HOWDY HOY HOY! Musta na? What happened to da job thinggy? Yeah I forgot to tell ya I got a new number (ahehe ulit) at ironically enough nasira din phone ko pero I got a new one na. Eeeboks! eboks eboks! wehehe I just miss downloading songs n movies. Usin BitTorrent?? guess what, its 3AM n im HYPAARRR MWAHAHAHA!! MWAH! ayy nakuu!! angh bilis ng panahon! AGH!!

Clare said...

you're welcome mare, happy reading!


toni said...

Wow, what ebooks have you been reading? :)

Ri said...

hey there! how many eBooks did you download anyway? you might be taking a hiatus longer than mine! hee! :D

Jennie said...

Ginny: Daym! Hyper ka nga. how many cups of coffee & sticks of cigs yan? hahaha! I didn't take the job thinggy, lugi ako sa contract, so i didn't sign the offer sheet. :) err... bit torrent? sorry, my technobobo side just surfaced :p but i don't think that's the one i'm using. LOL! oy! text me your new number, i still have the same number. or send it sa YM. ;)

clare: mega-thanks talaga. kaloka :p

toni: Hello! :) I've download the complete works of Shakespeare, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Dean Koontz, r.l. stine, Douglas Coupland, Meg Cabot, and of course the requisite romance books chuva by Johanna Lindsey. hahaha! More or less that's 70 ebooks in all. :p Ngayon naman di ko alam kung ano uunahin ko. hahaha! I'm looking for The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, but the only ebook I found was in Spanish. Sadly, I don't speak Spanish :p I'll probably stop looking for ebooks (momentarily) if I find that book.

Ri: Uy! Welcome back! I didn't know you were back from your hiatus. :D more or less 70 ebooks siguro yun. kaloka. But, don't worry I won't take a long hiatus. I'll probably have a blog entry this weekend. hehehe.

missp said...

hey,hey, hey... enjoy the ebooks. i discovered that a year ago, and since then, ang laki na ng na save ko...heheheh :)

jennie, thanks for the offer. i will let you know if we would need the contact details for my sister. at the moment she is in Belgium. If we finally decide to bring her back home, i will contact you asap. salamat ulit ;)

Jennie said...

Thanks, missP. Sobrang enjoy :p

You're welcome. I wish you well and I pray that you and your family, especially your sister, will have the strength and faith to overcome this. God bless.

ginny kulet said...

eek! ako yata na technobobo nun! ahaha! What was I thinking??? Ebooks? kelangan ng downloader?? AHAHAHAHA! @_@!! psensya na na time space warp yata utak ko hahaha! :-D!!! MMMWAHHH! Hope when u get to read this uve had a great day! ^_^ Keep smiling! ^_^ too-da-looo!

Jennie said...

hehehe.. lam ko na bit torrent :p

happy weekend!