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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I was tagged by Raissa, and it took me a while to think of my simple pleasures, until I remembered what I wrote on my About Me page. :D Here's my list, in no particular order:

Instructions: Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. Family time. Family time is very precious to me: Sunday mornings at Loyola Memorial with dad and my siblings to visit mom's resting place, bonding sessions with my siblings and cousins, summer family outings, christmas reunions, celebrations of family milestones, etc.

2. Receiving good old fashioned handwritten letters. In this day and age, specially because of emails, getting handwritten letters/cards is a rarity. So when I get one, it makes me breakout into my biggest smile. Handwritten letters are more personal and intimate, even if it's just a short one.

3. Getting unexpected texts/emails/letters/phonecalls from the people I love/like. I think that's self-explanatory, hehehe. Although all calls/textx/emails/letters are special, getting those unexpectedly from a person I like (sige na, crush :p) is extra special and the kilig factor is waaay up in the scale. nyahaha!

4. Books and book sales. One of mom's greatest influence on me is the love of books. I go crazy at book stores, especially during book sales. There's just so many books I want to get! Half of my room looks like a library, and I still have books in some boxes at home.

5. Laughing so hard my tummy aches and tears stream down my face. I love a good laugh, and the best laughter is when you're literally on the floor clutching your tummy and tears are streaming down your face. The best!

6. Looking at old photographs and remembering the story behind that picture. I'm very sentimental and I like reminiscing. Give me a photo album and it would take me while to view it because I'd always remember the story behind it.

7. Walking/running around in the rain. I love that :) When I was a kid, I'd always wait for the first rainfall of May, and when it happens, I'm out the door playing in the rain, much to the chagrin of my parents.

8. Food! Do I have to explain? Hahahaha!! I love: ice cream and chocolate mousse, tempura, Sbarro's baked ziti in alfredo sauce, Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino® Blended Crème and Caramel Macchiato, leche flan, tuna carbonara, Ricoa flat tops :p, ALMONETS!!! and lately, my sister's ice candies. Is it any wonder why I'm pleasingly plump? :p

9. Great Friends: late night (till early morning) conversations with my best friends, going on roadtrips and food trips.

10. Music. My day doesn't end without listening to music. Mom used to tell me that when I was a baby, they couldn't put me to sleep unless they're singing to me. In the end it was easier to put me to sleep with the radio playing beside me. Until today, Moonriver will always make me fall asleep. I love watching concerts, the soundtracks of The Wedding Singer and Singles (the best!), singing in the shower (wooohaha!!), in the car, in front of the pc, when watching music channels. videoke!

Anyone is free to answer the same meme, but please leave me a link/note so I could also read your 10 simple pleasures. :)

Speaking of music, I recieved a Friendster bulletin from a friend that DWXB 102, "The Station That Dares To Be Different", is online streaming! For the 80s child who loved (and still loves) New Wave music, this is very good news! I've been listening since I turned the computer on and I've had a blast listening to the music I grew up with. I feel like I'm in grade school once again. Hahaha!

For those who are still too young to remember DWXB (hahaha!), it was the "first all-New Wave music radio station in the Philippines." (source:WIkipedia) It aired from 1983 (grade 1 pa lang ako nun ha :p) and had it's last broadcast in June 1987. It was located at 102.7 on the FM dial. After almost 20 years, they're back! For more info, click this, or go to their official website.

For online streaming, here's the link. Enjoy!


Kai said...

I miss getting text messages. Those corny but very romantic quotes, haha.

Jennie said...

ooh.. miss ko na din yun. lately, most of the texts i get are jokes :p