one year na ba yun?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Ang bilis ng panahon. Ngayong araw, isang taon nang wala si mommy.

Isang taon na ba yun? Parang hindi pa. Fresh pa sa utak ko yung mga pangyayari nung May 29, 2005, down to the last minute. Kung tatanungin mo ako kung ano ang ginagawa ko last year ng ganitong oras, masasagot pa kita. :)

Miss ko pa din si mommy araw-araw. Pero tama nga yung sinabi ng kaibigan ko: "The pain doesn't go away, you just learn how to deal with it better."

Kahapon nagsimba kami ng family ko, pina-dedicate (tama ba yung term?) kasi namin yung mass sa parish namin para sa kanya. First time na nagsimba kami ng sama-sama mula nung misa para kay mommy last year. Naluha ako sa misa, lalo na dun sa homily ng parish priest namin, Ascencion Sunday kasi kahapon. Bagay na bagay yung homily sa sitwasyon namin.

Pagkatapos ng misa, derecho kami sa Loyola Memorial Park, para bisitahin yung puntod ni mommy, gaya ng ginagawa namin tuwing Linggo.

Ang bilis talaga ng panahon.

AI finale

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The American Idol producers redeemed themselves in my eyes. After 3 disappointing episodes (Chris eliminated, Elliot eliminated, last night's lackluster performances by the 2 finalists), the finale more than made up for it.

Congratulations to the Soul Patrol! As predicted by Simon the night before, Taylor won. :)

The show was opened by current American Idol, Carrie Underwood, followed by Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee, singing Barry Manilow's "I Made It Through the Rain". Surprise! The other 10 semi-finalists joined them.

For the next two hours, the show was filled by special production numbers with the top 5 and their idols: Paris Bennett with Al Jarreau, Chris Daughtry with LIVE (wooohoo!); Elliot Yamin with Mary J. Blige (who hogged the spotlight, bigtime. BOOO!).

Worst duets? The ones with the finalists. Meatloaf was out of tune all throughout the number and I felt sorry fo McPhee, even if I don't like her that much anymore. Taylor also had a duet with Toni Braxton. I only have one word for it: awkward.

The guys and the girls had separate production numbers. They also performed with Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick. Kevin Covais looked out of place with the guys. And what was that he sang? Pussycat something. It was weird. Haha!

Oh, and I love Elliot's mom, Claudette. :) She's so precious. She even got a Golden Idol award. :p

An the best part of the show? When Michael Sandecki, a Clay Aiken wannabe, sang and then the real Clay Aiken comes out (oops, no pun intended) and sings, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down". The guy's reaction was priceless! It was the best superfan moment. I was so happy for him and I kept laughing the whole time.

Oops! I almost forgot. Prince also performed.

I think this is the best American Idol finale ever. Nevermind if my bets didn't win. The finale more than made up for it.

Till the next American Idol!

Hmmm.. I wonder how the Philippine Idol would fare. I hope it won't be mediocre.

what do i do?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I am in a quandry.

This past week and a half, I have been busy with tests and interviews. Today it bore fruit. I got a job offer and I have until Tuesday to decide if I will take it. I've been thinking since I got the contract and all I could think of were the cons.

I originally applied for an HR position at a call center in Makati. I won't tell which one because if I do sign the contract, I'd be bound by the confidentiality agreement. Hehehe! I'm kidding. Telling which company I applied for isn't part of the agreement, I just didn't want to divulge the company.

I had my test last Friday and I initially thought I wouldn't get a call for an interview. The first test was all right because it was similar to all the other tests I took when applying for a job. The second test stumped me. It was very technical and to be honest, I just guessed most of my answers. The third test was about Networking. I think I fared better on that test than the second one, but I still had a hard time.

I was also surprised that they administered that test, which I thought was more suited for people applying for Technical Support, for someone applying for an HR position.

At the end of the exam, I was one of the first persons called for a brief interview and a diction test. Again, I thought, why would I need a diction test, if I was applying for an HR position? I voiced out my question to the interviewer and she said that people applying for HR positions need to be Customer Service Agents first, so they'd know the whole process. Nyek! Ganun? Magsi-CSA muna ako for 6 months, pos saka pa lang ako mag-tetest uli para maging Recruitment Specialist? I thought about not pursuing it, but I thought, "sayang naman yung pinunta ko dito" and the day was already half-way done.

I was called for another interview. After which I was given a Simulation Test. That was quite a shock and frankly, nerve-wracking, because I didn't know until I was called in that it would be a Simulation Test.

I was given 12 minutes to study the guide and then the interviewer (simulator? :p), who bears a striking resemblance to Jay McCarroll of Project Runway (and amazingly sounds like him, too), would call me on the phone and pretend to be a customer. From there he'd be able to gauge how fast I could react to certain situations. After the simulation, he asked me how I think I fared. I told him I thought I sucked because I got nervous, there were quite a lot of lags in the conversation and I forgot the most important thing: get the name and billing address of the client. Hahahaha!

Again, I was surprised when he said that I did pretty good, in spite of not having any training. Wow. Hehehe! Then he told me I passed, but he couldn't give me a job offer yet because they didn't have an opening yet. WHAT?!! I was there two whole days and then he'd tell me that there were no openings? Son of a #@$%^! Even if I wanted to wring his neck, I had to keep my cool (at least on the outside) and smile when he said he'd put me on the top of the list, so when they're given the go signal to hire, I'd be one of the first.

I got a call Friday afternoon at around 5:30pm, telling me that I have a scheduled interview with the Operations Manager, for 8:30 am, the next day.

That was this morning. I didn't have to wait long because I was called at exactly 8:30am. I was done by 9 am and was told to go back at 2pm for a formal job offer.

Fast forward to 2pm and I was given the contracts (yep, with an S). I was told that I'd start training on May 29. I asked if I could take some time to go over the contracts and think about accepting the job offer.

I was given until Tuesday to think things over.

I'm honestly having second thoughts about the job offer. Sure, the salary and benefits package is good, but I'd have to work in Libis (which is very far from where I live - as in magkabilang dulo ng Metro Manila), because the account is based there. I thought I'd be given a Makati-based account because after all, I applied in Makati. Di pala ganun yun.

Am I ready for my body clock to get whacked? I think I am, but there's a big difference with thinking I am and actually doing so.

Another thing that bugs me is I have to stay in the company for the whole probationary period. If not, I am obliged to pay a certain amount as stated in the contract, which covers the cost of the training I got. Yikes! What if something better comes along? Or I decide that it's really not for me? I can't leave.

I also have to talk to the President of mom's company about my appointment there. I can't work there yet because the person I'm supposed to take over still hasn't left (and I am doubting if she ever will!). I have to talk with Mr. P. to find out if they're still hiring me. My acceptance of the abovementioned job offer will depend on his answer.

To be honest, I'd prefer working at mom's company. I like the people there and I've known them most of my life. There'd be little or no adjustment period. But I don't think I can wait a few more months, until the position opens up.

Sayang din yung isang job offer diba, if I let it go?

Hay... I don't know what to do.

Tulog na muna ako. :p

an American Idol junkie's rants

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Many people will surely disagree with me, but I am very disappointed with American Idol.

Last week, Chris Daughtry was eliminated and now they eliminated Elliot Yamin. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Taylor was alright, he's a performer, but his voice is not in league with Elliot. Taylor's song choices were very suited for his voice, and it carried him to the finals. Lately however, he's been very cocky.

As for McPhee, I used to be a fan. I admit that her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow was great, but she's acting so sure of herself. Too overconfident for my taste. When she was asked how her homecoming was, she said it was boring. Can you imagine how the people who went to her homecoming felt when they heard that?

Okay, Chris may have been overconfident too, but who wouldn't be overconfident if you've been predicted to be the next American Idol from the start? You gotta admit that he has the chops to make it to the top, and I think he'd sell more cds than the new American Idol. He stayed true to his rock roots, even if others thought he didn't have the versatility. I think his renditions of What a Wonderful World and Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman proved otherwise. Even if he didn't win American Idol, I'd still buy his cd. ;)

Elliot's the guy with the voice. There's no doubt that he has talent and his voice is one of the best. For someone who's 90% deaf on the right ear and sounds as wonderful as he does, who wouldn't be amazed? And he seems like a very nice guy, to boot. I am so sad that he didn't reach the finals. In my opinion he deserved to be there more than McPhee. I wish Elliot the best, and I hope he doesn't disappear into oblivion like most of the Idol contestants.

So, who do I think will win American Idol? My money's on Taylor.

I got published!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh wow. I found out through a weird phone conversation with my mom's former officemate (her first job), that my mother's day tribute for my mom was published on the lifestyle section of today's Philippine Daily Inquirer. It's on section C4, entitled, "Healing"

You can also read it online, just click this link.

Thanks :D

simple pleasures

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I was tagged by Raissa, and it took me a while to think of my simple pleasures, until I remembered what I wrote on my About Me page. :D Here's my list, in no particular order:

Instructions: Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. Family time. Family time is very precious to me: Sunday mornings at Loyola Memorial with dad and my siblings to visit mom's resting place, bonding sessions with my siblings and cousins, summer family outings, christmas reunions, celebrations of family milestones, etc.

2. Receiving good old fashioned handwritten letters. In this day and age, specially because of emails, getting handwritten letters/cards is a rarity. So when I get one, it makes me breakout into my biggest smile. Handwritten letters are more personal and intimate, even if it's just a short one.

3. Getting unexpected texts/emails/letters/phonecalls from the people I love/like. I think that's self-explanatory, hehehe. Although all calls/textx/emails/letters are special, getting those unexpectedly from a person I like (sige na, crush :p) is extra special and the kilig factor is waaay up in the scale. nyahaha!

4. Books and book sales. One of mom's greatest influence on me is the love of books. I go crazy at book stores, especially during book sales. There's just so many books I want to get! Half of my room looks like a library, and I still have books in some boxes at home.

5. Laughing so hard my tummy aches and tears stream down my face. I love a good laugh, and the best laughter is when you're literally on the floor clutching your tummy and tears are streaming down your face. The best!

6. Looking at old photographs and remembering the story behind that picture. I'm very sentimental and I like reminiscing. Give me a photo album and it would take me while to view it because I'd always remember the story behind it.

7. Walking/running around in the rain. I love that :) When I was a kid, I'd always wait for the first rainfall of May, and when it happens, I'm out the door playing in the rain, much to the chagrin of my parents.

8. Food! Do I have to explain? Hahahaha!! I love: ice cream and chocolate mousse, tempura, Sbarro's baked ziti in alfredo sauce, Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino® Blended Crème and Caramel Macchiato, leche flan, tuna carbonara, Ricoa flat tops :p, ALMONETS!!! and lately, my sister's ice candies. Is it any wonder why I'm pleasingly plump? :p

9. Great Friends: late night (till early morning) conversations with my best friends, going on roadtrips and food trips.

10. Music. My day doesn't end without listening to music. Mom used to tell me that when I was a baby, they couldn't put me to sleep unless they're singing to me. In the end it was easier to put me to sleep with the radio playing beside me. Until today, Moonriver will always make me fall asleep. I love watching concerts, the soundtracks of The Wedding Singer and Singles (the best!), singing in the shower (wooohaha!!), in the car, in front of the pc, when watching music channels. videoke!

Anyone is free to answer the same meme, but please leave me a link/note so I could also read your 10 simple pleasures. :)

Speaking of music, I recieved a Friendster bulletin from a friend that DWXB 102, "The Station That Dares To Be Different", is online streaming! For the 80s child who loved (and still loves) New Wave music, this is very good news! I've been listening since I turned the computer on and I've had a blast listening to the music I grew up with. I feel like I'm in grade school once again. Hahaha!

For those who are still too young to remember DWXB (hahaha!), it was the "first all-New Wave music radio station in the Philippines." (source:WIkipedia) It aired from 1983 (grade 1 pa lang ako nun ha :p) and had it's last broadcast in June 1987. It was located at 102.7 on the FM dial. After almost 20 years, they're back! For more info, click this, or go to their official website.

For online streaming, here's the link. Enjoy!

How I spent Labor Day

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm still aching all over. Huhuhu!

Yesterday, I had a hard time getting out of bed because I felt so sore.

I didn't care.

I still don't.

Because I had a blast swimming on Labor Day! :D

Finally, our annual clan outing pushed through. We weren't complete, because the others had previous engagements but everyone who could make it enjoyed the day.

I woke up at 5 am, coz we intended to leave the house by 6am so we wouldn't encounter the usual holiday traffic at SLEX. Hehehe... we were able to leave the house at 6:45 am, and after a quick stop at Ministop to buy ice and a splash and dash at Petron (uy, plugging :p), we were on our way to Pansol.

The drive was pleasant from the Sucat Interchange until the Calamba tollgate, where the traffic started. My cousins and I were texting each other, keeping track where we were, coz we left at different times and they came from Manila. They took a shortcut and while we were at a stoplight, we saw their van turn right from the intersection to the main road. They were ahead of us! Consideering they left their house before 7 and came from Manila, while we left 15 minutes earlier and came from Las Pinas, they were fast. Hahaha!

We were frantically texting back and forth, taunting each other that we'd overtake their vehicle and we'd arrive at the private resort first. They were 5 cars ahead of us but they didn't turn left where they should have so we ended up arriving first. Hahaha! it was fun. :D

As soon as we unloaded our things, we changed into our swimming gears, took showers and jumped into the pool. Well. the kids were already in their swimsuits so when we arrived, they went straight to the showers and jumped to the pool. Oh. I forgot. We slathered on lots of spf45 sunblock first, coz we didn't want to get sunburned.

While the moms were busy singing their hearts out (there was a videoke machine - a must at family gatherings!), we were having fun in the pool. (Pictures to follow asap)

Of course, since there's a videoke machine, I wouldn't let the day end without hogging it for a while. Heehee!

Lunch was a gastronomic delight. I planned on taking a picture of the table before eating. but I completely forgot about it. :p After resting a bit, we were back in the pool, swimming to our heart's content.

The weather was great. It wasn't as hot as it was last Saturday, and it even drizzled a bit. Because of that, and mostly because of the partially covered pool and oodles of sunblock, we didn't get sun burned. Woohoo!

As soon as we got home, the exhaustion set in and I was asleep by 9pm (My earliest sleeping time in years - I usually fall asleep past 1am).

It was a truly enjoyable day with the family.

I can't wait to see the pictures. :D

EDIT: some of the pictures have been uploaded here.

Oh, by the way, kindly click on the icon below and help me win an ipod from AXN. Hehehe! You'd have your chance to win, too, when you save me. :) Thanks!