my bday wasn't so bad (hahaha!)

Monday, April 17, 2006

My self-imposed-no-computer-during-Holy-Week sacrifice is over. Actually, it didn't start out that way, it just turned to a sacrifice. :p I wasn't able to use the computer for the past 5 days because we had our General Housecleaning and there wasn't enough time to use the computer on top of all that. Hahaha!

Yep, that's how I spent my birthday. Cleaning my room. I'm not done yet though. Half of my room still looks like a mess, but I was able to dispose of a lot of things so my room is less cluttered now.

I think there's something symbolic about cleaning out my room and my birthday. It's like disposing off all the clutter/unwanted baggage and starting anew. After all, I'm starting my new decade. Heehee! Ooh, that was fitting.

I received an email from my older cousin in Florida, and it told him I couldn't believe I'm already thirty. I certainly don't feel any different, but there's soemthing daunting about turning a new decade. It's a milestone, as Toni said. But gosh, time does fly fast!

One of the first things my sister and I cleaned out was mom's closet. We made a decision last year that we wouldn't clean out mom's closet until almost a year of her passing, because it would be too hard to do. I think that was a good decision on our part coz while we were clearing her things, we didn't feel bad. It wasn't heart-wrenching, and I didn't cry. Well, ok, I did cry, but not until we were almost done. I cried coz I saw the medical stuff (oxygen mask, regulator, etc). When we were folding her clothes and putting them in boxes, not a single tear fell. Yey, for me! We just remembered which ones were her favorites, an occasion or event connected to that piece of clothing. Just the good stuff. :)



Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Jennie!&UUml;
No computer? Hmm. I thought of doing that for Holy Week too, but I just couldnt. I even had to work on Good Friday. Oh gosh. Anyways, I hope you're doing great Jen. Happy Easter!Ü

Toni said...

Belated Happy Birthday! And symbolic ang paglinis! New beginnings. :)

Jajey said...

BELATED belated!! Godbless you more..

wow..general cleaning.. good start..hehe..;o)

Jennie said...

hi girls, sorry it took a while for me to reply. thanks for the birthday greetings :D

russ: wow. you had to work last Good Friday? grabe. pahinga ka namna, girl ;) i hpe you're doing great!

toni: thank you. yup, very symbolic nga. :D

jajey: uy, hello! musta na?

hehehe... good start nga, ang problema, hindi ko pa rinnaaayos yung closet ko. :p