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Thursday, March 02, 2006

No sad posts for today. Yay! Just a recap of my favorite reality shows. :)


Still on my top three despite mediocre performances this week are Ace Young and Taylor Hicks. Elliott Yamin is clawing his way up. :)

The girls on this week's American Idol were BORING. Mandisa had a good performance but Katharine McPhee made me yawn. I'm starting to dislike Paris Bennet. Ang OA nya! I still dont like Kellie Pickler (I doubt if I will) but Melissa McGhee is starting to wow me. Brenna just NEEDS to go!

The Amazing Race 9 aired yesterday and I thought it was boring, too. What's up with that? I like the hippies, BJ & Taylor They're funny. I don't like the nerdy couple, David & Lori, though. It seems like they're acting. Basta, ang fake ng dating. We'll see in the future episodes if my first impression would last.

Yes, I admit it, I'm hooked on PBB Celebrity Edition. It just brings out the voyeur in me. Baduy na kung baduy. Hahaha! Last night, they aired the continuation of Rustom's conversation with Keanna (and the millions of viewers), which he finally admitted that he's gay. And that's the reason why I forgot to watch the first episode of Prison Break. Hay... parang my life revolves around my tv no? :p

Ok lang, I chose not to write about everything about me naman eh. Leave something to the imagination na lang. Hahaha!


Kai said...

i swear, we're truly on the same page when it comes to AI. minus Ace nga lang, di ko pa talaga siya magustuhan ng todo. lol. Chris was amazing! i was like so excited when i found out that someone's singing Fuel cuz i love that song, and i didn't really expect him to pull it that strong. ang galing! grabe. i wouldn't really mind if he becomes the idol. as Simon said, iba ang class niya! (;

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,
I havent really had that much time to watch TV. Too bad for me. However, I got lucky last night that I got to saw the episode of AI while waiting for my friends to pick me up.

Hope you're doing great.
Happy Weekend!


Jennie said...

kai: Chris was great! And I loved that he sang hemorrhage coz that's my favorite fuel song. I want Chris to win. :D I doubt if Ace will win, but I'd keep him longer for the eye candy. hahaha!

russ: hello! not getting to watch tv much means you have a life (as opposed to me. hahaha!) :D but don't work too much, you might get burned out. :)

Have a great week ahead. Take care!

Kiss My Mike said...

Dang! I haven't seen a single performance of the male idol contestants.

Actually, I saw those who were voted off during results night. I could see why Chris D. is quite popular. Now I have to see Ace Young so I would know who to root for!

Jennie said...

hi mike. sorry forthe late reply, i haven't been to my blog in a while :)

idols top 12 na tomorrow :D can't wait to hear what chris will sing next.