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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Obviously, I haven't had the inclination to blog for the past few days :p I guess the weather just makes me feel so lazy. It's been terribly hot here and it seems that every movement I make would make me break out in sweat (eeew!), so ayun.. inatake ng katamaran.

I have quite a lot of things to blog about, I just have to sort them out in my head. It's weird because I have this list on my organizer: "things to blog about" and there's a brief description after each item. Hehe... kina-reer and pagba-blog. :p

The company outing last March 10 was fun. The weather was perfect. It wasn't too hot and there was a warm breeze all day. It was overcast the whole day, and it even drizzled a bit around lunch time, which meant more time for me to swim. I wasn't able to take more pictures because we spent too much time in the water.

I thought that because the sun wasn't shining, I wouldn't tan too much. I was wrong. Even if I put liberal amounts of sunblock, I still got sunburned. :p But it's okay, I had a blast swimming. And my face has started peeling (nyak!), and I hope I'll be back to my normal skin color soon. Ahaha! Ang vain ko. :p

There were numerous times during the day that I heard several people say that they miss mom, or that mom would have loved this or that, or how they didn't realize it then that last year's company outing would be mom's last. I found myself not being able to reply, either because I didn't know how to respond or because I felt my throat constricting and I couldn't utter a single word. Aside from those times, the outing was fun.

I felt as if mom was with me, it's hard to explain, but I felt her presence specially when I sat down by the beach alone. Or maybe it was because I was wearing her violet tie-dyed shorts? Hehehe!

I got an email the other day that made me feel queasy. I know that this email has been circulating, but I didn't expect that I'd get one or that I wouldn't know until I opened the email that that was it. It's an email with VERY GRAPHIC pictures of an accident that happened in front of 6750 Ayala Avenue Monday last week. Grabeh! I only got a split second look before I deleted it but it's something I'm unlikely to forget.

I feel so bad for the person on the pictures. Namatay na nga sha, tapos ngayon may kumakalat pa sa internet na pictures ng aksidente nya. Grabe talaga. May he rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I'd like to post an ad from my sister:

Summer's hot but art is definitely cool in Museo Pambata's Art's Cool!

This yearly summer workshop is designed to harness a child's potential in the arts. With the guidance of accomplished artists and teachers, kids enjoy learning in an environment of fun and discovery uniquely provided by a children's interactive museum.

This year's Art's Cool offers classes in Basic and Integrated Art and Painting. The workshop culminates in an exhibit showcasing the students' accomplishments.


Basic Art and Painting
Facilitator: Hubert Fucio
Age Level: 4 to 7 years old
Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9 to 11 AM*
Fee: P 4,000.00**
Lessons include: basic drawing, coloring, oil pastel

Integrated Art and Painting
Facilitator: Marc Cosico
Age Level: 8 to 12 years old
Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9 to 11 AM*
Fee: P 4,500.00**
Lessons include: pencil drawing and shading, mixing of colors, painting techniques, field trips to art museums

*Classes start on April 18.
**Fees are inclusive of all materials except canvas and framing of artworks.

To register/enroll, visit the Museo Pambata ng Maynila at Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive, Manila (beside the US Embassy) call 5231797 to 98 | fax: 5221246 | e-mail | visit | download registration form at (under announcements section on the Homepage)


Anonymous said...
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Toni said...

Ay naku ano ba yang spammer sa itaas ko!

Those art lessons sound very interesting! Meron bang for adults? Hehehe. If I had the time and resources, I'd take art classes for fun! It's a great way to channel creative energies!

Jennie said...

hi toni. oo nga eh, kainis na spammer. kakatanggal ko lang ng comment moderation, umatake agad :p ayan tuloy, ibabalik ko na. haha!

Hehe.. sayang wala for adults eh. I know meron sa Ayala Museum, but I'm not sure how much. Yup art classes are fun! Bigla ko na-miss yung Visual Art Electives ko nung high school. :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,
Good to know that you're blogging.Ü I have not bloghopped that much lately because I have been really busy with work. In fact, I'm quite lucky right now to have the luxury of time to visit a couple of blogs.Ü So there, hope you're doing great Jennie. Enjoy the rest of the summer!Ü


Anonymous said...

hello ate jennie! ^_^

ako din ang tagal ko nang hindi nakakapag blog.. nasira kasi yung telepono namin, dalawang linggo bago naayos nung phone company! O_o

buti pa dyan, summer na.. mag uumpisa na ang winter dito eh.. huhuhuhu.. panahon na naman ng sipon at trangkaso.. waaa.. T_T

Jennie said...

hi russ :) good to have you back. i, too haven't been able to bloghop as much as i used to. :p

on our way to white cove during our company outing, i saw lots of playa calatagan signs and i remembered you. i would have loved to check it out, pero sa kabila ng daan namin. happy summer!

hello ninin!! :D good to have you back, too. buti ayos na phone line ninyo.

naku, sobrang init ngayon dito. grabe. baliktad tayo, ako naman naghohope na magka-snow dito. haha!

ingats lagi :)