wowowee stampede

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I woke up Saturday morning, to the agitated voice of our driver talking to my dad. For a split second, I thought, "Oh, sh*t! Nabangga na naman yata kami." When I woke up completely, I realized he was talking about the terrible accident that happened earlier that morning.

Like most Filipinos, I was glued to my tv yesterday, because of the horrible stampede at The Philsports Arena, for the Wowowee anniversary show. What was supposed to be a celebration, turned into a tragedy.

Nakakalungkot talaga. :( Especially when you think that most of the people who died were old women. It was gut-wrenching to see the relatives grieving for the loved ones they lost.

It's an unfortunate accident, one that clearly shows what is wrong with our society today. Nakakalungkot isipin kung gaano kadami ang mahirap dito sa atin, at kailangan pa nilang pumila ng matagal para lang makasali sa isang laro, na hindi naman sila siguradong mananalo sila. Ang liit ng probablility na sila yung mananalo, dahil sa dami ng gustong sumali, pero pila pa din sila, hoping na sila yung mananalo.

Naiinis lang ako nung makita ko yung news footage. Madami na nga yung namatay, yung mga taong nasa pila, kaway pa ng kaway at ang lalaki ng ngiti, habang nagpa-pan sa kanila yung camera. Hello? Napaka-insensitive.

Hindi ko din maintindihan kung bakit may mga tao pa na nagdala ng mga bata. Hindi ba nila alam na delikado pag madaming tao at limitado lang yung tickets?! Na laging "one man for himself" pag may ganyan?

I don't know if this is true, but I got a text message yesterday that one of the hosts of the rival programs said this: "Dito na lang kayo sa amin. sa kabila…(and then he did a hand gesture that mimics the slashing of the neck, a way to say people die there)". Grabe diba? It's very inappropriate to say the least. It's insensitive and cruel. I hope it's not true. But even if it's not, this text message is still cruel, and the person who started this is a world class a-hole!. Tragedy na nga, gagawa pa ng ganyan. Sheesh!

It's good that the broadcast network said that they will shoulder the funeral & medical expenses. I could see their efforts, both in recovery and transporting of the dead and injured. One can see in their faces that they did not want this to happen and how badly it affected them. It's easy to point fingers, as to who's at fault. But now is the time for prayers and lending a helping hand. If there's one good thing brought about by the tragedy, it's how people were able to set aside their differences (or maybe it happened because of what was allegedly said by one of their hosts? Hay).


Clare said...

what really happened was definitely tragic and i know no one wanted anything like that to happen...but that being said, i find it sad that abs-cbn, in spite of all their efforts, have never directly taken responsibility for what happened and insist on calling it an accident...but it had been pointed out by someone from dilg on tv that it could have been avoided if the proper security measures were taken...but yes, it does make you feel sad and make you realize how hard life is now in the country if people have to go that far to get money.


kat said...

It is sad that people nowadays would rather line up and take their chances with winning, rather than looking for a job that will at least garner then a steady income. We all have our different opinions on this, and even though we were given the 'facts', it's still hard to say who really is the one to blame. Is it ABS-CBN who created the show in the first place and given the people the hope that yes, oodles of money is just within reach? Is it the people who tried to rush in for a good seat, putting aside their consideration for their fellow man? Is it the security who didn't have enough manpower? Is it the government who failed to provide jobs to these people they had to resort to lining up for easy money? Go figure. :(

Jennie said...

clare & Kat:the tragedy evokes a myriad of emotions. I am saddened this happened and i feel angry that people were driven by desperation to line up for a game show, with the slimmest of probability that they'd win. :( I am stunned that opportunists (re: politicians) would use this tragedy to get back at others. it's easy to point fingers to who's at fault, but it's not the time, di ba? prayers and help are what's needed, sana marealize yun ng ibang tao.

true, the organizers should have foreseen that something like this could happen, and they could have made security tighter. But I think that when there's mob mentality, no amount of security personnel could control it. Ewan. Madami nga sigurong pwede gawin para ma-avoid ito, and it should be a wake up call for everyone.

Kai said...

i, for one, doesn't blame anybody for what had happened but the people themselves. if they were calm and disciplined at the time, this would have been avoided. but perhaps, it had to happen for Filipinos to finally wake up and learn the lesson.

dyansport said...

there are many problems regarding the saturday stampede. the best thing that the tv network should have done was to accept responsibility. also, there is the issue of desperation of the people outside ultra.
it saddens me to see the footage. Ang pinoy di nagbabago, kelangan muna may mangyari para matuto.

on the lighter side.. nakakatuwa naman, medyo related posts natin.:)

missP said...

yes, some people are really A-holes! they take advantage of the situation and even heartless enough to make such comments/text messages. Geeesh! I wonder when is the world really going to change for the better?

Jennie said...

kai: good point. there are many factors which contributed to this tragedy and being undisciplined is one of them. tsk, tsk.

janis! musta na? honga sumkindarelated ang posts natin :p

for what it's worth, the company through their Chairman said they were largely responsible for it. i think they just want the police, Pasig gov't., and ultra to own up to their responsibilities, too. sa tingin ko di lang dapat abs yung sisihin. may fault din yung iba kahit papaano. sana lang, if they're going to charge anyone for this, maging fair at hindi yung pagkatapos ng ilang months, makakalimutan na yung nangyari.

missP: di totoo yung nasa text. the tv host didn't say it, and although he did make a fleeting gesture (as shown on the news), it was deemed inconclusive by the MTRCB. Mas nakakainis isipin na may mga tao na gumgawa ng mga ganung klaseng text messages, in times of tragedy. sick & cruel, talaga!