state of national emergency

Friday, February 24, 2006

What the heck is happenening to the country?!! I woke up this morning to the news that classes in all levels had been suspended because of an alleged failed coup attempt. And now PGMA goes on air and declares a State of National Emergency. Hello? Paranoid much?

The key players of the EDSA People Power Revolution were set to celebrate the 20th Anniversary today. But now the crowd is being dispersed by water cannons because they think this celebration is part of the coup attempt. Ewan. Naiiinis ako!

Here's PCIJ's take on the situation, and CNN's Breaking News.

I got incensed with what Presidential Chief of Staff Mike Defensor said during a press briefing. I got the impression that his description of the State of Emergency would curb certain civil liberties. Ano ba? I don't want to jump into conclusions but I also do not want another Martial Law. Hindi na ba natuto ang mga Pinoy? When will this ever end?

Sus! Balak ko pa naman mag-blog about AI. Nawalan na ako ng gana.

I'll go watch the news first to monitor this developing story.


missP said...

hi jen,

naku! di kaya mag declare ng Martial Law si madame?

Kai said...

kapal ni gloria kung mag declare pa siya ng martial law. grr. kilos cory!!! lol.

Jennie said...

hi missP :) i really hope she doesn't declare it, but the arrests made over the past 2 days and the raiding of an opposition leaning newspaper, shows otherwise. i hope my assessment of the situation is wrong, for all our sakes.

hello kai! nakoh, sinabi mo pa. it's overkill talaga.

Giannina said...

O_o ano ba yan?! parang sunud-sunod na ata ang mga nangyayaring masama sa pinas ah.. huhuhu

Anonymous said...

hi jennie!Ü
hehe. well i was working last friday. they didnt let us go home early -- it's so peaceful here in the south. no hints of any uprising or state of emergency. was just shocked when my mom and d messaged me that GMA has declared this and that. when will all these end? ayayay.

hey, i hope you're doing great!Ü take care and enjoy your tuesday...


Jennie said...

giannina: kaines no? puro na alng bad news. sana good news naman sa susunod. :)

russ: hello! yeah, things were pretty peaceful in the south. kaines lang that this had to happen again. i thought it was overkill. i hope it ends soon. we need good news! :)

happy tuesday!