happy 2nd blog birthday to me!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I cannot believe I forgot my 2nd blogspot anniversary last Feb 12! I was wallowing in my (hopefully temporary) sadness too much that it completely slipped my mind. :p

Happy 2nd blog birthday to me! Hehehe... baduy man sabihin, salamat at may blog ako, kungdi pumutok na siguro ako kung wala akong outlet sa lahat ng nararamdaman ko.

God forbid, if I didn't have an outlet for my rollercoaster of emotions, rants, raves, quirky moments, etc, one might find me talking to myself at all times. Hehehe.. nabuang na. :p

Heartfelt thanks also go out to the people who bloghop and read my posts, to those who never gets tired of reading (even if I write melancholic posts, as of late), and the lurkers (hehehe... meron ba? paramdam naman kayo :D) who keep coming back.

My wish for my blog birthday? (ahahaha! nyak, may wish pa, ang baduy ko talaga! :p) more happy posts. :)


Clare said...

happy blog birthday!

ako rin i had mine last january...3 years naman....npa nga lang kaya di halata...lol!

Jennie said...

Hi clare! thanks :) and belated happy blog birthday, too!

I've actually been blogging since 2002, but i've deleted my MDD and Xanga accounts, and decided to keep this one. :) cheesy mashado yung nasa old blogs ko, and i didn't want any reminder of it so i deleted it. hahaha!

oo nga, npa ka nga, ilang beses ako nagpalit ng url mo sa links ko :p

Jobert said...



Kai said...

happy blog birthday, jennie! (:

mud said...

happy blog birthday, jennie! :D

Jennie said...

jobert, kai & mud: thank you! :)

Uy, mud, welcome back! :D

jeanny said...

Happy blog birthday dear. More power "naks"

Jennie said...

thanks, jeanny! :D