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Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Tita Belle called me around 11 am yesterday morning to ask if she had the correct cellphone number of my cousin. I could feel from her voice that there was something wrong, so I asked her about it after I gave her my cousin's number. She told me that she's concerned that her 2nd eldest sister (my cousin's mom) might have had a stroke, because her speech was slurred and her left hand couldn't grip anything. I got alarmed because we all know how dangerous strokes are, and that was how I remember dad was when he had a mild stroke 6 years ago.

Tita Belle and I were texting my cousin as we were talking on the phone, and thankfully, Kuya got there in less than 15 minutes to take his mom to the hospital. My tita's doctor told my cousin that it was a good thing he was able to bring Nanay to the hospital immediately because her stroke was still ongoing, and her blood pressure had shot up to 200/70.

I visited Nanay in the afternoon and I was glad that she was standing up when I got there (coz she just came from the CR). Aside from the slightly slurred speech, there doesn't seem to be any other indication that her condition was serious. Thank God! She was scheduled for a CT Scan, to check which parts of her brain, if any, were affected by the stroke. I left before she had the scan, so I don't know yet how it went. I hope the results would be favorable.

We still don't know when she will be discharged, because the doctors were still observing her. A second stroke is even more dangerous and that's what the doctors are concerned about.

I admit that it was still hard for me to visit someone at the hospital because the last time I was in a hospital room was when mom passed away. But I know it was harder for my cousins, because they just lost their father almost two years ago. Things seem to be looking up though, coz I woke up this morning to the ringing on the phone and Nanay was at the other end of the line (from her hospital room). She asked me to text her youngest son to bring the medicines she left behind. Hehehe.. hindi pa daw sha sanay magtext. :p I hope she gets better soon.

I was on my way to pick up my sister from work, when I learned about the tragedy that happened yesterday morning. Another natural disaster struck the country, as mudslides buried a whole village in Southern Leyte. Nakakatakot!

Two weeks of non-stop rain and the denudation of the forest due to illegal logging, loosened the soil and boulders which caused a side of the mountain to descend upon the unsuspecting villagers. The village of almost 2,000 people was buried by 10 - 30 feet of mud. The only indication that there had been a village there was a handful of rooftops and uprooted coconut trees.

As of this writing, these are the figures released by the Office of Civil Defense: 1,420 were missing, 117 survivors, and 23 bodies were pulled out from the rubble. From the news reports and video footage of the disaster, I've lost hope that more people have survived. :( Even sadder was the news that an elementary school was also buried, with least 206 students and 40 teachers. Grabe. Rescue efforts are further being hampered by the continuous rainfall, lack of equipment, destroyed infrastructure, and the danger to rescuers because of another possible landslide.

After the 1991 Ormoc flash floods at the same province, we had hoped people would learn their lessons and stop illegal logging. Apparently, the loggers are still there. Shyet. Will they ever stop? Or do they need another tragedy like this to happen again? Sana naman, this time the illegal loggers would learn their lesson already, and that they think about the effect of their greed on other people.

* Photos from Reuters and the Associated Press


Clare said...

grabe, katakot nga ang stroke....

heartbreaking yung sa leyte talaga, i try not to watch kasi naiiyak talaga ako...

Anonymous said...

matapos ng Ultra, meron nanamang isa pang tragedy? T_T

nakakalungkot naman..

Jennie said...

clare: ako din. :(

giannina: grabe no? 2 weeks lang ang pagitan, tragedy na naman. sana di na maulit