super lotto sunday :p

Sunday, January 22, 2006

While the rest of the country is watching the Pacquiao - Morales rematch, I am thinking of tonight's Super Lotto Draw. Hahaha!

You can't blame me for thinking about the Super Lotto Draw, because it's predicted that tonight's jackpot could reach P140 Million or more. Yup, you read it right, 140 Million Pesos! That's a lot of money! And it could still go up, depending on the number of people who'd place bets until 8:20 tonight.

For the first time since the lotto started, I placed a bet. Hehehe! Aba, ang saya kaya nun, kung ako ang manalo, noh. Yes, I know the odds that I would win is slim, but I thought I'd give it a try. :p

When last Thursday's P128 million draw didn't have any winner, I started to notice the lines at lotto outlets getting longer, sometimes spanning a few blocks. I can just imagine how long the lines would be, as the 8:20 pm cut-off nears. :p

Goodness. I wonder what I would do if I win the jackpot. Heehee! I think I'd faint first. Then, when I regain consciousness, I'd probably jump and scream my head off. Mwahahahaha! As for what I'd do with the money, I'd think about it seriously when I get a hold of it. :p

How about you? What would you do if you win the Super lotto Jackpot?


1. Pacquiao won, with 33 seconds left on the 10th round, when the referee stopped the match a Morales fell to his knees for the second time. WOOHOO! Galeng! Pacquiao is the first boxer to win over Morales via a TKO.

2. There was only one winner of the P150 Million+ (yup, it exceeded the early prediction) Super Lotto Draw last night. The person bought the winning ticket in Camarines Norte. Grabeh! Ang swerte nya!!!


Kat said...

Wow! Sarap nun if I won! Hehehe. First thing I'd do? Resign from work! Hehehe. Then set aside some money for savings, set up a business and travel! :D

Anonymous said...

para kang sister ko...first time nagbet sa lotto after malaman kung magkano yung jackpot --- who won anyway? may nanalo kaya or wala nanaman? or hati-hati maraming tayo? hmmm...

balato pag ikaw ang nanalo a...hehehe!

kainis talaga, love ko na si pinggoy...


Jennie S said...

kat: ang saya nun, talaga! ang swerte pa, isa lang ang nanalo kagabi. gosh. imagine how it would feel like, not having to work. hehehe.. set for life na yung nanalo.

clare: naku, mare. isa lang ang nanalo. from camarines norte. super lucky!

ahaha! sana nga ako yung nanalo :p pero kung ako nga, sigurado may balato ka ;)

hehehe... kasalanan ko ba yun? :p

Anonymous said...

ang swerte naman nung nanalo ng lotto! hehe.. ^_^ dito din, napansin kong humahaba din ang pila pag lumalaki ang jackpot prize.. ang prize dito eh $8.5M na, pero wala pa ring nananalo.. hehe..

Jennie S said...

ang swerte talaga nya! but according to the news, until today wala pang nag-ke-claim.

waw! $8.5M? mag0bet ka na. hihihi!