Thursday, January 26, 2006

The accident I had during Friday the 13th now seem like a blessing in disguise. It turned out that the owner of the vehicle that bumped our car is the distributor of San Miguel Corp. products in Makati & Pasay. Which equates to me having a prospective client. Yay!

He was the one who broached the subject of transferring his insurance needs (personal & business) to our company, when he learned that I work for an Insurance Firm. Take note ha, hindi ako nag-sales talk. Hehehe! Of course it crossed my mind that he could be a prospective client, but I didn't tell him that when we were discussing the accident. Shempre, may hiya naman ako. :p

We're going to meet next week to talk business. I hope it goes well. :)

Sometimes I think I'm fixated on the past. I like reminiscing, I just don't know if I like to reminisce because I'm afraid of looking ahead to the future, or if I must've had a wonderful past and it's nice to look back.

Or maybe it's because I feel safer and the future scares me.


Anonymous said...

oy! ang suwerte. good luck jennie... ;)

Jennie S said...

ang swerte ng nanalo, missP! :) isang tao lang.