friday the 13th

Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm not usually a superstitious person. But something happened this afternoon to make me wonder if there is some basis to the, "be-careful-it's-friday-the-thirteen-today" saying.

I was on my way to my tita's house to deliver an insurance policy this afternoon, when our car was rear-ended. At exactly 3pm, on the corner of Zobel Roxas Avenue and Filmore St. in Makati. ARGH! This is what happened on the day I decided to leave the office at 2:30pm.


Three in the afternoon, on Friday the Thirteen. What am I supposed to think? A very bad coincidence? Maybe. But I'm still irked!

Our car was at a full stop on the corner of Zobel Roxas and Filmore. I had no inkling of what would happen next. I even said to myself that the weather was weird coz it rained for a few minutes, then the sun shone, and it rained again after a few minutes and finally, the sun shone again. The weather couldn't make up it's mind. Then, I was startled when an old AUV rear-ended our car. Kaines!

Granted, the road was a bit slippery after the rain, but the driver of the AUV should have slowed down, specially because our car was at a full stop and he was going to turn right. At first I thought the damage wasn't substantial. The impact was a bit jarring and there was a deep dent about the size of my open hand on the right side, the right tail light was misaligned but it wasn't broken. Upon closer inspection, there was also damage underneath the car.

I immediately called the office to inform our claims examiner what happened and he advised me what to do. The driver of the vehicle gave me the number of the owner and we talked. He was apologetic and immediately said that they were going to pay for the damages to our car. I just hope he fulfills this. I will be royally pissed if he doesn't. Our car has insurance, but I don't want to claim from it because we were the aggrieved party.

Hay... hassle! We'll see on Monday if the other party would be true to their word. Good luck na lang talaga.


Clare said...

grabe ang pagka-career mo sa friday the 13th, lol!

hope na you'll be luckier than i was wit h the person who hit your car.

missP said...

hope all wiil be cleared up and thank goodness no one's harmed, well, bad luck for the pockets of the guilty party. :P

take care jennie! ;)

Jennie said...

pang-inis no? kinareer talaga. sana nga i'll be luckier, pero mukha namang hindi ako tatakbuhan ng nakabangga. fingers crossed! :p

missP: thank God nga, no one was hurt :) kaya lang hassle yung pag-asikaso sa bangga.