On Winning & Christmas Parties

Friday, December 16, 2005

photos from the Amazing Race homepage

At last, the team I was rooting for on The Amazing Race, finally won! The teams I used to root for on the previous editions of TAR always wind up second. Not this time, though, coz the Linz Family from Cincinnati, Ohio won over the Bransen Family and the Weaver Family.

I actually wouldn't mind if the Bransen's won, as long as it isn't the Weaver Family. But it was still great that the Linzes (Nick, Alex, Megan & Tommy) won. I think they deserve it.

Our Christmas Party will start in a few hours. To be honest, I'm not excited. I have a feeling that it won't be as fun as the previous years. Why? Because I feel the preparations were haphazard. The date of the party wasn't even finalized until 2 days ago, that's why I thought we wouldn't have a party this year. Plus, the party will be held at the office and not at El Cirkulo (like the last couple of years) or any other venue. Ooh! The party will be catered by Coquina though, so that would be soooo good. :)

But, thinking it over, I guess a stripped down party would be nice coz sometimes less is more.

I know deep inside why I don't quite feel our Christmas Party this year: Mom isn't going to be there. This is the first time, since I joined the company a few years ago, that she wouldn't be here. She worked for the company for 33 years and the Christmas Party had been her baby. She's been the organizer, the host, the one incharge of the entertainment and games, the raffle. Every aspect of the party. You name it, she's done it.

Sabi ko na nga ba, Christmas would be hard for me this year. Kahit pa sabihin ko sa sarili ko na dapat masaya, shempre may oras na talagang malulungkot ako kasi wala na sha. Di naman ako eternally depressed. Life goes on at hindi naman araw-araw malungkot ako. Minsan nga lang, hindi maiwasan na malungkot at maiyak pag naaalala ko si mommy. Tulad ngayon, nagsimula ako ng masaya, tapos biglang eto na, ngumangawa na ako sa harap ng computer. Hahaha! Bipolar na yata ako. :p

On a lighter note, I'm happy coz we're almost done planning our Christmas reunion. Mejo alam ko na kung ano iluluto ko. Good luck na lang sa Pasko kung masarap. Hahaha!


Clare said...

christmas...hay...with the things happening with my family these days, di ko rin sya mafeel...parang malungkot pa nga e.

dennah said...

roast beef! roast beef! roast beef!

sana masarap.... wahahahah!!!!

Jennie said...


kinda feel ko na yung pasko, and our Christmas Party wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed it.

i hope you're feeling Christmassy already. *HUGS*


hehehe.. walang roast beef eh. mejo takot pa akong iluto, baka maging disaster. hahaha!

pramis, pag gumawa ako, papadalhan kita. :)

IceClimbingMonkey said...

I hate the Linzs. TAR8 is such a boring season if not for the Weavers. It was a disappointing season for me. Another alpha male/s won..including their sis who looks like a more masculine Katie Holmes.

raissa said...

I also wanted either the Linzes or the Bransens to win. basta wag lang ang mga weavers LOL Its nice to see the Linzes take care of each other. never ata silang nag-bicker and instead of berating Megan when she slows them down, they help her. Nice brothers!