on TAR8 and trigger-happy TMG

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I take it back. The Godlewski and Paolo families aren't the most annoying team on The Amazing Race. The Weavers are.

I cannot believe how hypocritical they are. They say they're the only family on TAR8 living a Christian Life, but they also spew negativities about the other teams. Sure they pray a lot, but they also badmouth the other teams, specially when they were yielded.

When tragedy struck the Schroeder family during Hurricane Katrina, all teams except the Weavers offered assistance.

On the latest episode, where one of the roadblocks was to race 50 laps, one of the Godlewski sisters were reassuring them (the Weaver patriarch died, almost 2 years ago at the Daytona Racetrack during a NASCAR race, when he was accidentally hit by a race car, as he was clearing debris). Instead of being thankful for the Godlewski's good gesture, the eldest Weaver daughter said to the camera, "I hate the Godlewskis. They're so annoying and they're liars." (And they wonder why the other teams don't like them?)

I think instead of saying they're Christians, they should act like good Christians.

Earlier tonight on TVPatrol, I was appalled by an exclusive video footage of the "encounter" between the police and "suspected carnappers". It was gruesome, to say the least.

Contrary to what the police said about the "shoot-out", the video shot by UHF station UnTV, didn't show a shoot-out, but an execution. No one was firing back at the police from the car. All of the TMG personnel involved in the shooting, were not in uniforms and they kept shooting the "carnappers" at close range, even if they were already slumped inside the vehicle. It's a clear violation of the rules of engagement.

Iba-iba din yung sinasabi ng pulis kung ano talaga ang nangyari. May nagsabi na may checkpoint tapos hindi tumigil yung Nissan Exalta, kaya hinabol pos nakipagbarilan. Meron naman nagsabi na siguradong carnappers yung mga yun dahil sa surveillance daw na ginawa nila. Ano ba talaga?

Nakakatakot isipin na yung mga pulis dito sa atin, mga trigger-happy.


graveyaaaarrd_zombie said...

grabe nga un. nanghina ako when i saw the video/news.

dennah said...

hi, jen! kanina ko lang nakita ung video and it was really disturbing. shoot to kill country tayo. tsk. tsk.

as for the weavers on tar, ewan ko lang pero i feel bad for them. i think they were wrong not to acknowledge the godlewskis sympathy pero i can't blame the weavers for their distrust kasi everyone was rude/unfair to them nung una pa lang diba? i mean, did they do anything that i missed that could have merited that kind of attitude towards them? everyone wanted to yield them, baket nga ba? they were hurt by the yield, thus their reaction. you're right though, no one can call it christian. i call it human...

pero grabe these reality shows talaga. sa totoo lang, hindi talaga dapat pinapanood yang mga yan lalo na ng mga bata. kahit ilang bleeps pa gamitin nila, you can still hear them swearing! i'm just so glad the most disrespectful persons are out. bye, paolo team! i was rooting for gaghan pero wala na rin sila... i root for the bransens now, hehe.

Jennie said...

@JAR: grabeh. hanggang ngayon, pag naaalala ko yun, nanglalambot pa din ako.

@dinah: elo bunts! musta? haba ng comment ah :P

grabe talaga yung video. kahit pa sabihin na carnappers talaga sila, hindi pa din justified yung ginawa nila. katakot.

i felt bad for the weavers at the start coz they just lost their father, but every week, unti-unti lumalabas yung true colors nila. mahilig pa sila sa name-calling.

ay nakoh, yung paolo family grabeh din. lalo na yung panganay na lalaki, si DJ. ang sarap dagukan, pag sinasagot-sagot nya nanay nya. buti na lang wala na sila. huhu, sayang yung gaghans, gusto ko din sila. i'm rooting for the linz family :)

Jennie said...

oops, i meant, "grabe talaga yung video. kahit pa sabihin na carnappers talaga sila, hindi pa din justified yung ginawa NG MG PULIS SA KANILA. katakot.

mud said...

i agree with you about the weavers. hypocrites talaga.

(but, although i'm also rooting for the linzes and the bransens, i have a feeling the weavers are gonna win. siguro dahil sa editing na binibigay sa kanila sa show...? ewan.)

Anonymous said...

Grabe ang lungkot naman yung kwento mo sa news. Di kasi ako nanunuod ng TV dito at wala kaming cable (no TFC for me hehe)...

:( ~eLa

Jennie said...

@mud: naku, naisip ko na din yan. huhuhu! ayoko manalo weavers. anyone but them.

@eLa: halu! musta na? it's a good thing you didn't see the video coz it's really dreadful. :s