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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fickleminded me, got a Wordpress Goldenticket last month via email.

Aside from this blog, I've been tweaking my wordpress blog. Yup, I signed up. :p I've lost track what blog number that is, sa dami ng sinign-up-an ko. Heehee!

I haven't figured out how to transfer my blogger entries there, but I'm seriously thinking of making my wordpress blog my permanent one, specially because I couldn't figure out how to fix this template for Internet Explorer. Hay.. lumabas na naman ang pagka-OC ko. :p


Jobert said...

FIre dragon eh? I'm a Water Monkey. Wow. This sounds so kung fu.

Anyway, if you use Flock as your browser, you automatically can sign up for a wordpress blog account.

edward said...

Wow cool. Its so cool to have a blog. I dun have the skill and etc to do that so i will still stick to deardiary. Anyway will you still be using it?

kitiwiti said...

hi there, kulasa ka ba? did a google search on kulasa lyrics and your blog came up but i didnt see any lyrics.
(i got mine in

Tin said...

yihee! welcome to wordpress!!

Jet said...

Jennie! Magwo-wordpress ka na rin? Hay naku, ako kaya, kelan matututo ng mga ganito? You'd be so ashamed of me if you knew what I learned how to do just recently, after years and years of blogging... hehe.

Jobert... Flock? Is that a new one? You mean you're not on Firefox anymore?

Jennie said...

Hi Jobert. :) hehehe, crouching tiger? :p

thanks for the info!

ey, edward! how have you been? thanks for dropping by. would i keep MDD? i haven't deleted it yet, though i rarely update it.

yup, kitiwiti, i'm a kulasa. i left you a message on your multiply site. :) small world talaga, my sister was your batchmate and your sister was my classmate freshman year hs. :)

Jennie said...

hi tin! musta ang vacation? love the pics, btw.

wordpress rules! kays lang mejo nalilito pa ako, kaya i'm still here.

Halu, Jet! musta na? di pa ako nakaka-visit uli sa blog mo. :) uy, na-curious ako, what was it that you've learned recently? heehee... iYM mo na lang ;)

i'm thinking of switching to wordpress, kaya lang hindi ko pa ma-figure out mashado. chaka na-sesenti ako. parang ayaw ko iwan itong blogspot ko :)