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Sunday, November 27, 2005

I've always considered my High School Life as special. Even if there were more restrictions, as compared to College, I enjoyed High School more. Maybe it was because I was more serious with my studies in College and I had carefree, mababaw-na-kaligayahan fun during High School. That is not to say that I didn't have fun in College. I did and I had lots of it. But High School will always be more special to me.

Everytime I think about my High School years of St. Scholastica's College, Manila, I remember it fondly.

I got this survey from chEr's friendster bulletin:

1. Section: 1-I
2. Adviser: Mrs. Bascon
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: Social Studies
4. Best Memory: my barkada, our class play Florante at Laura, which was done Grease style, Gng. de Vera (ibilot ang papel!); initiation week (nakakahiya yung mga pinagawa sa akin ng Senior master ko, pero looking back, it was fun!) I enjoyed it. The Yawn!!!
5. Worst Memory: getting my first failing grade in Algebra (my excuse? my seatmate was very talkative and I wasn't able to grasp the subject because of her incessant talking. buti na lang next quarter, I passed na :p); PerDev and the orange make-up of our PerDev teacher (woohahaha!); facing Ms. Salazar everytime I'm late.
6. Favorite Subject: English Lit with Ms. Asa, advanced swimming class
7. Least Favorite Subject: obviously, Alge101, but in my defense, since I was in the Honor's class (keyword: WAS :p) our Alge101 was College level Algebra; Speech class

1. Section:
2. Adviser: First, it was Mrs. Villarosa, then, middle of the school year, there was a teacher's strike and our new adviser was Mrs. Eguaras
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: Mrs. Villarosa: Biology Mrs. Eguaras: Foods (cooking class)
4. Best Memory: hmm.. the formation of the poste posse; going to class and doing nothing because of the strike (haha! ang the best dun, kasi may baon ako); my class was eating pancit during Afro-Asian History class and Mr. Fuentes didn't know what to do with us (yup, mga maldita yung nasa section ko :p); Mr. Malonzo and his/her spiky hair that could kill a lizard if it falls there; Mr. Malonzo fantasizing he/she was Madonna and doing the "Vogue" dance steps during Bio class (the best kasi creepy haha!); I was the class' resident forger of Ms. Salazar's signature for the temporary IDs (until I graduated, hala! :p )
5. Worst Memory: We lost some of the best teachers and we didn't learn much during the 3 weeks the strike was ongoing; the big earthquake which happened while my friends and I were in the library (although, madaming nakakatawang stories about our experiences during the earthquake); facing Ms. Salazar everytime I'm late.
6. Favorite Subject: Bio, English Lit
7. Least Favorite Subject: Alge102; Afro-Asian Literature; Speech class; advanced swimming class (ang baduy na kasi may synchronized swimming)

1. Section:
2. Adviser: Ms. Amy Tumagoy
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: Geometry
4. Best Memory: Madami! I think 3rd yr was the best year. poste posse, SEA Games: My friends and I always watched the Swimming and the Diving competitions (Leo Najera and his ripped trunks, Anatalio Ubalde), tennis, and taekwondo, coz it was held at Rizal Memorial, which was walking distance from St. Scho; playing tennis near Gate 4 using a starapple as the ball (haha, fun ito :p); rollerblading near St. Cecilia's hall, until we were forbidden; College Fair and my barkada & I handled the Dedication Booth with 99.5RT as our station; hanging out with Boo Kyler & Marc Cross; NKOTB concert (oo, inaamin ko nanood ako nun :D); intrams; class recollection.
5. Worst Memory: my ID was confiscated for the first and last time because I was shouting my hellos to a teacher in the 1st floor from the 4th floor and I was caught by the principal. the Faded Family (hahaha!)
6. Favorite Subject: Visual Arts elective with Ms. Kanapi (i got my first 100 final grade :D); English Lit with Ms. Arboleda; English Grammar with Kina J (not because of the subject, more of the teacher); Noli & Fili with Ms. Mina, Arnis & Taekwondo
7. Least Favorite Subject: Geometry with Ms. T, Religion class with Ms. Diamante, Chemistry with Mr. Pulmones

1. Section
: 4-O
2. Adviser: Ms. Dindin Brotonel
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: World History
4. Best Memory: Winning the class song competition; 2nd place at the interclass debates; handling the college fair's dedication booth again, still with RT as our radio station. Intrams. Visual Arts class. During Ms. Cababat's Religion class, we were asked to sing "Walk in the Light", one of my classmates stood up and led the "train", tapos lumabas kami (as in yung buong class) ng classroom habang kumakanta. Ms. Cababat didn't know what to do, and the other sections were looking at us and even the teachers were laughing coz they knew we were pranking Ms. Cababat. Buti na lang hindi sila nagalit.
5. Worst Memory: CAT and the bivouac when I twisted my ankle while going down a hill; Freshman initiation, with the Seniors being the Masters. Ang boring, madaming restrictions kasi takot sa batch namin yung mga Freshmen. Trolls
6. Favorite Subject: World History, Visual Arts elective, Music with Mr. Reyes, Philosophy with Atty. RB Pascual (may the force be with you!)
7. Least Favorite Subject: Physics and Trigo (coz of the teacher, not the subject :p)
8. Class Accomplishment: winner, graduation song competition; 2nd place, interclass debates

1. Best Thing About It:
my friends and our "adventures"
2. Worst Thing About It: Math subjects (it's always been my waterloo)
3. Canteen Price: I think it was reasonable and within our meager student's budget (hehehe, maliit na allowance :p)
4. Memorable Line By A Teacher: madami!

Mr. Vista, during the Earthquake: "Girls, don't panic!" pero habang sinasabi nya yun, naka-sandal sha sa blackboard, arms wide open tapos tingin sha ng tingin from left to right. hahahahaha!
Eco teacher: "Class, don't eat JANK FUD, it's not good for your health."
Mr. Malonzo: "I love Madonna coz she looks like me." Oh my goodness! Nakakakilabot!
5. Rule You Don't Like: I don't remember ang tagal na kasi nun. hehehe...
6. Weirdest Rule: no colorful hair accessories (blue, white, black or brown only); but this was re-implemented only when I was in my Senior year. From Grade School to 3rd yr HS, wala yung rule na ito
7. Comments: The renovation of the school, addition of new facilities started the year after I graduated. Kaines! I haven't seen the new St. Cecilia's Hall (great acoustics daw), the new building and the new gymnasium.


missP said...

high school layf, high sckul luv... hayyy, sarap naman balikan. kaya lang ang may mga nightmares din, tulad ng Algeb, Trigo, at CAT.. nyaaaah!!!

Jennie said...

hahaha! hate na hate ko din ang Algeb, Trig at CAT. Isama na natin sa list yung sewing class. Yaaak!

pero enjoy talaga ang HS :)

happy weekend, missP!