high school life

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I've always considered my High School Life as special. Even if there were more restrictions, as compared to College, I enjoyed High School more. Maybe it was because I was more serious with my studies in College and I had carefree, mababaw-na-kaligayahan fun during High School. That is not to say that I didn't have fun in College. I did and I had lots of it. But High School will always be more special to me.

Everytime I think about my High School years of St. Scholastica's College, Manila, I remember it fondly.

I got this survey from chEr's friendster bulletin:

1. Section: 1-I
2. Adviser: Mrs. Bascon
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: Social Studies
4. Best Memory: my barkada, our class play Florante at Laura, which was done Grease style, Gng. de Vera (ibilot ang papel!); initiation week (nakakahiya yung mga pinagawa sa akin ng Senior master ko, pero looking back, it was fun!) I enjoyed it. The Yawn!!!
5. Worst Memory: getting my first failing grade in Algebra (my excuse? my seatmate was very talkative and I wasn't able to grasp the subject because of her incessant talking. buti na lang next quarter, I passed na :p); PerDev and the orange make-up of our PerDev teacher (woohahaha!); facing Ms. Salazar everytime I'm late.
6. Favorite Subject: English Lit with Ms. Asa, advanced swimming class
7. Least Favorite Subject: obviously, Alge101, but in my defense, since I was in the Honor's class (keyword: WAS :p) our Alge101 was College level Algebra; Speech class

1. Section:
2. Adviser: First, it was Mrs. Villarosa, then, middle of the school year, there was a teacher's strike and our new adviser was Mrs. Eguaras
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: Mrs. Villarosa: Biology Mrs. Eguaras: Foods (cooking class)
4. Best Memory: hmm.. the formation of the poste posse; going to class and doing nothing because of the strike (haha! ang the best dun, kasi may baon ako); my class was eating pancit during Afro-Asian History class and Mr. Fuentes didn't know what to do with us (yup, mga maldita yung nasa section ko :p); Mr. Malonzo and his/her spiky hair that could kill a lizard if it falls there; Mr. Malonzo fantasizing he/she was Madonna and doing the "Vogue" dance steps during Bio class (the best kasi creepy haha!); I was the class' resident forger of Ms. Salazar's signature for the temporary IDs (until I graduated, hala! :p )
5. Worst Memory: We lost some of the best teachers and we didn't learn much during the 3 weeks the strike was ongoing; the big earthquake which happened while my friends and I were in the library (although, madaming nakakatawang stories about our experiences during the earthquake); facing Ms. Salazar everytime I'm late.
6. Favorite Subject: Bio, English Lit
7. Least Favorite Subject: Alge102; Afro-Asian Literature; Speech class; advanced swimming class (ang baduy na kasi may synchronized swimming)

1. Section:
2. Adviser: Ms. Amy Tumagoy
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: Geometry
4. Best Memory: Madami! I think 3rd yr was the best year. poste posse, SEA Games: My friends and I always watched the Swimming and the Diving competitions (Leo Najera and his ripped trunks, Anatalio Ubalde), tennis, and taekwondo, coz it was held at Rizal Memorial, which was walking distance from St. Scho; playing tennis near Gate 4 using a starapple as the ball (haha, fun ito :p); rollerblading near St. Cecilia's hall, until we were forbidden; College Fair and my barkada & I handled the Dedication Booth with 99.5RT as our station; hanging out with Boo Kyler & Marc Cross; NKOTB concert (oo, inaamin ko nanood ako nun :D); intrams; class recollection.
5. Worst Memory: my ID was confiscated for the first and last time because I was shouting my hellos to a teacher in the 1st floor from the 4th floor and I was caught by the principal. the Faded Family (hahaha!)
6. Favorite Subject: Visual Arts elective with Ms. Kanapi (i got my first 100 final grade :D); English Lit with Ms. Arboleda; English Grammar with Kina J (not because of the subject, more of the teacher); Noli & Fili with Ms. Mina, Arnis & Taekwondo
7. Least Favorite Subject: Geometry with Ms. T, Religion class with Ms. Diamante, Chemistry with Mr. Pulmones

1. Section
: 4-O
2. Adviser: Ms. Dindin Brotonel
3. Subject Taught By Adviser: World History
4. Best Memory: Winning the class song competition; 2nd place at the interclass debates; handling the college fair's dedication booth again, still with RT as our radio station. Intrams. Visual Arts class. During Ms. Cababat's Religion class, we were asked to sing "Walk in the Light", one of my classmates stood up and led the "train", tapos lumabas kami (as in yung buong class) ng classroom habang kumakanta. Ms. Cababat didn't know what to do, and the other sections were looking at us and even the teachers were laughing coz they knew we were pranking Ms. Cababat. Buti na lang hindi sila nagalit.
5. Worst Memory: CAT and the bivouac when I twisted my ankle while going down a hill; Freshman initiation, with the Seniors being the Masters. Ang boring, madaming restrictions kasi takot sa batch namin yung mga Freshmen. Trolls
6. Favorite Subject: World History, Visual Arts elective, Music with Mr. Reyes, Philosophy with Atty. RB Pascual (may the force be with you!)
7. Least Favorite Subject: Physics and Trigo (coz of the teacher, not the subject :p)
8. Class Accomplishment: winner, graduation song competition; 2nd place, interclass debates

1. Best Thing About It:
my friends and our "adventures"
2. Worst Thing About It: Math subjects (it's always been my waterloo)
3. Canteen Price: I think it was reasonable and within our meager student's budget (hehehe, maliit na allowance :p)
4. Memorable Line By A Teacher: madami!

Mr. Vista, during the Earthquake: "Girls, don't panic!" pero habang sinasabi nya yun, naka-sandal sha sa blackboard, arms wide open tapos tingin sha ng tingin from left to right. hahahahaha!
Eco teacher: "Class, don't eat JANK FUD, it's not good for your health."
Mr. Malonzo: "I love Madonna coz she looks like me." Oh my goodness! Nakakakilabot!
5. Rule You Don't Like: I don't remember ang tagal na kasi nun. hehehe...
6. Weirdest Rule: no colorful hair accessories (blue, white, black or brown only); but this was re-implemented only when I was in my Senior year. From Grade School to 3rd yr HS, wala yung rule na ito
7. Comments: The renovation of the school, addition of new facilities started the year after I graduated. Kaines! I haven't seen the new St. Cecilia's Hall (great acoustics daw), the new building and the new gymnasium.

Christmas thoughts?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas is definitely in the air.

Four days straight na akong nagigising ng nakatalukbong at nakabaluktot, and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to turn the fan off coz I was having chills. The other day it was 18 degrees celsius at around 4 am. 18 degrees isn't cold for the people living in the northern hemisphere, but it is cold for people used to 34-40 degrees celsius days.

The colder days may indicate that Christmas is near, but I'm honestly not in a Christmassy kind of mood yet. I've actually been dreading Christmas coz this is the first year that we're celebrating it without mom. It's her ultimate favorite time of the year, not only because it's the symbolic birthday of our Savior, but it's also my brother's birthday.

Our Christmas reunion here at home will definitely push through. I know mom wouldn't like it if we don't continue it because she's gone. My aunts and I have also talked about it, and although it will be great to see the family once again, there's definitely going to be a void coz mom isn't here. October pa lang nagpaplano na si mommy kung ano ang gagawin namin sa Pasko. Ngayon malapit na ang December, hindi ko pa din alam kung ano ang iluluto ko. Yung mga luto ni mommy, yon ang ilan lang sa namimiss ko.

But even if I'm sad this season, I know it won't be depressing. Mom may not be with us physically, but she'll always be with us in our hearts and in spirit.

Tama na nga... ayoko na ng sad post.

happy birthday, daddy!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy birthday, daddy! I may not say it often, but I love you.

Sayang, sira yung scanner namin, ipo-post ko sana yung pinaka-poging picture nya, which we got from lola's box of pictures last Nov. 1. Hehehe, hearthrob pic pa naman yun, which I think was taken when he was betweeen 15-17 years old. :)

harry potter and the goblet of fire

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I loved it!!!

This is by far the best Harry Potter movie for me. I will not go into details, lest I spoil it for anyone, but lemme just say it again: I LOVED IT!

Why are you still reading this? Go to the cinema and watch it now. ;)

on TAR8 and trigger-happy TMG

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I take it back. The Godlewski and Paolo families aren't the most annoying team on The Amazing Race. The Weavers are.

I cannot believe how hypocritical they are. They say they're the only family on TAR8 living a Christian Life, but they also spew negativities about the other teams. Sure they pray a lot, but they also badmouth the other teams, specially when they were yielded.

When tragedy struck the Schroeder family during Hurricane Katrina, all teams except the Weavers offered assistance.

On the latest episode, where one of the roadblocks was to race 50 laps, one of the Godlewski sisters were reassuring them (the Weaver patriarch died, almost 2 years ago at the Daytona Racetrack during a NASCAR race, when he was accidentally hit by a race car, as he was clearing debris). Instead of being thankful for the Godlewski's good gesture, the eldest Weaver daughter said to the camera, "I hate the Godlewskis. They're so annoying and they're liars." (And they wonder why the other teams don't like them?)

I think instead of saying they're Christians, they should act like good Christians.

Earlier tonight on TVPatrol, I was appalled by an exclusive video footage of the "encounter" between the police and "suspected carnappers". It was gruesome, to say the least.

Contrary to what the police said about the "shoot-out", the video shot by UHF station UnTV, didn't show a shoot-out, but an execution. No one was firing back at the police from the car. All of the TMG personnel involved in the shooting, were not in uniforms and they kept shooting the "carnappers" at close range, even if they were already slumped inside the vehicle. It's a clear violation of the rules of engagement.

Iba-iba din yung sinasabi ng pulis kung ano talaga ang nangyari. May nagsabi na may checkpoint tapos hindi tumigil yung Nissan Exalta, kaya hinabol pos nakipagbarilan. Meron naman nagsabi na siguradong carnappers yung mga yun dahil sa surveillance daw na ginawa nila. Ano ba talaga?

Nakakatakot isipin na yung mga pulis dito sa atin, mga trigger-happy.

my current LSS

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

LSS. Last Song Syndrome. Also known as earworm. It's exasperating when it happens, most especially if the song is really annoying (like an April Boy song. grrr!). Fortunately, the song I've been singing in my head for days isn't one of those songs. But it's still quite frustrating coz I can't get it out of my system.

Staring at the Sun
by Rooster

Daylight on my shoulder
Makes me feel alive
You kept me standing in your shadow
And it’s a cold cold place to hide

I’m running away from this messed up place
I’m breaking free, yeah yeah

I’m tired of staring at the sun
Can’t stand the way you burn my eyes so I can’t see
Stealing every breath I breathe
You push me into overdrive
And I don’t need this kind of light coz now I’m done
You took everything while I was staring at the sun

I know you won’t let me
But just turn and walk away
I’m tired of when you kick me around
Trying to kill my dreams and break me down
But I won’t hang around

I’m running away from this messed up place
I’m breaking free, yeah yeah

I’m tired of staring at the sun
Can’t stand the way you burn my eyes so I can’t see
Stealing every breath I breathe
You push me into overdrive
And I don’t need this kind of light coz now I’m done
You took everything while I was staring at the sun
I was staring at the sun

Daylight on my shoulder
I know its time to run
Yes I know its time to run

I’m tired of staring at the sun
Can’t stand the way you burn my eyes so I can’t see
Stealing every breath I breathe (stealing every breath I breathe)
You push me into overdrive
And I don’t need this kind of light coz now I’m done
You took everything while I was staring at the sun
Yeah, yeah staring at the sun
You took everything while I was staring at the sun.
Does anyone know what the cure for LSS is? :) I need HELP!!

new blog?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fickleminded me, got a Wordpress Goldenticket last month via email.

Aside from this blog, I've been tweaking my wordpress blog. Yup, I signed up. :p I've lost track what blog number that is, sa dami ng sinign-up-an ko. Heehee!

I haven't figured out how to transfer my blogger entries there, but I'm seriously thinking of making my wordpress blog my permanent one, specially because I couldn't figure out how to fix this template for Internet Explorer. Hay.. lumabas na naman ang pagka-OC ko. :p

the week that was

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The past week was eventful, which was why I haven't blogged until today. Hehehe, okay, that's not entirely true. It was eventful but I also didn't feel like blogging. :-p

October 30, 2005: My family and I went to Loyola Memorial Park in Paranaque, to vist mom. We decided to go earlier and not on All Saint's Day, because we didn't want to go with the crowd. We arrived at 7am and compared to the people we see there every Sunday, the people visiting their loved one's graves has significantly increased. We also noted the increase in flower & candle vendors along Sucat Road and the number of food establishments set up in Loyola.

Although I was already used to visiting mom's gravesite, last Sunday was different because it was the first All Saint's Day holiday that we're visiting her. :-(

When we got there, it felt like my heart was being crushed, but after a few minutes I felt normal (whatever normal is for me :-p). We had our usual breakfast picnic and observed the people around us.

We left before lunch and realized we made the right decision in going to Loyola early. As we left Loyola, we saw the traffic jam on the southbound lanes of Sucat Road. Had we left the house on our usual time, we would probably have been caught in that traffic jam.

October 31 was rest day for us. There was no trick or treating this year, because the president of our homeowner's association passed away 2 months after mom. I guess with her gone, the other members didn't feel like continuing the tradition. Sayang. I'm sure the kids in our neighborhood missed that, too. Aside from the usual TV show Halloween presentations, it didn't feel like Halloween, coz I didn't see little ghosts and ghouls shouting "trick or treat".

All Saint's Day: My family and I went to Rizal to visit our paternal grandfather's and great grandparent's final resting place. I hadn't been there in years and I was pleasantly surprised that our more than 2 hour drive, was now reduced to an hour and a half.

It was drizzling when we got there, and although there were already a lot of people there, we were able to find a parking spot. Since we hadn't been there in a while, we weren't sure where our family plot was. My siblings and I had already walked quite a distance when we looked back and saw dad waving at us, indicating that he found it. To our surprise, the famly plot was exactly where we had parked the car. As in, katapat lang. Hahaha! Kakaiba, kasi parang nireserve yung parking space just for us, tapos katapat pa mismo ng puntod nila lolo. :-)

After that, we went to our lola's house. Nakasalubong pa namin sha, dahil pupunta din sha sa libingan nila lolo. I don't recall when we last went there, I guess it's been 4 years, and it was nice to see the changes. One thing that hasn't changed though was the usual, "uy, ang taba mo ngayon" greeting from my lola's sister-in-law, who lives in the same compound. Gah! Sana nagbago din yung greeting, kaso hindi eh. Hahaha!

DSCP1_005 It was the first time I saw our niece, Gwen, who's already 7 months old and is starting to walk (altough not on her own yet). She is so cute! Pink-cheeked and wide eyed. Nakakagigil!!

At first she was wary of us coz it was, after all, the first time she saw us. You could tell she was curious though, coz she kept looking at us. After a while, she let me carry her already. :-)

I haven't uploaded the other pictures I took of her, yet. But I will post it as soon as I do.

November 2: My sister and I went to the new 168 Mall in Divisoria. I have been wanting to go there since I saw it featured a couple of months ago on the show, F on Studio23.

We picked up my friend, Ria, at Mcdo Taft, beside my alma mater, and we proceeded to DiVi. It was almost 10 when we arrived, so traffic was already slow-moving.

168 was like DiVimall, but it was cleaner (maybe because it just opened), the aircon was cooler and there reletively fewer people. There was still quite a number of people there, but we could still walk without much difficulty.

Ang daming mabibili and if you know how to haggle, you'll get your money's worth there. Pero please lang, kung pupunta ka ng Divi, don't dress up like you're going clubhopping. Dress comfortably and low-key, and don't expect to get good bargains if you talk like this: "Manong, how much is this? Wow, it's so mura." Natatawa na lang ako at napapa-iling pag nakakakarinig ako ng ganun sa Divi.

The foodcourt on the 3rd floor was a mix of Chinese, Filipino and Japanese cuisine. Although there's more Chinese food there (kasi puro Chinese yung stall owners :-p)

After lunch, we went to Landmark, Makati, because we decided to wait for my brother's class to end. It's funny how I was able to buy more things there than at 168. :) But at least I was able to buy what I needed to buy at Divi. :)