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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Last Thursday was a real heartbreaker for the DLSU community, when the FEU Tamaraws clinched the UAAP Men's Basketball Championship. A few minutes before the buzzer, we had the lead, but there was a reversal of fortune and FEU won. ]

But the Green Archers have nothing to be ashamed of. It was another nail-biter of a game, and I believe it could have gone either way. They played their hearts out and they made the DLSU community proud.

Congratulations to the Tamaraws, enjoy the victory coz we plan to take it back next year. Hehehe!

Last week, our cable tv provider changed the channel line-up. The 5 movie channels dissappeared, replaced by crappy channels. Wowow Japan is gone, and so are the 3 DSTV movie channels and the English movie channel from China. BOO!!! I hope they bring it back. And fast.

On the upside, they brought back JackTV (hello, comedy central shows!) and ETC. Yay! Now I can have 2 doses each of The OC and One Tree Hill in a week. I now also have my daily doses of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. Woohoo! Last night on Conan, U2 was the guest for the whole show. Wow! So glad I was able to watch it.

Hehehe.. couch patatas time!

The Amazing Race and Survivor are back. Whereas, I can't get enough of TAR, it doesn't matter if I don't get to watch Survivor:Guatemala. It's so lame.

On TAR, I'm rooting for the Gaghan family (mom, dad, children Billy and Carissa), Linz family (siblings, 3 boys and 1 girl) and the Aiello family (father and sons-in-law). I'd be glad if any of them win. On the other hand, I hate (yes, hate not dislike) the Godlewski family (4 sisters, called the Desperate housewives by the other teams) and the Paolo family.

The Godlewski's are so noisy, I can hear them in my head even if the TV's on mute. Their voices are grating to the ear. Sobra. The Paolo's on the other hand, cannot stop bickering, it's annoying. I especially hate the way the sons treat their mother. Ang sarap dagukan.

Looking forward to the next episodes.

That's all for now folks, have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

tell me mare, isn't wowow that kind of channel? i mean is that the wowow that i think it is? lol!

naku kami rin dito natanggalan ng movie channels kainis....wala pa rin kaming etc at isa sa mga nawala samin yung jacktv...waaah!

naku sobrang heartbroken din ako nung uaap finals....doesn't help that you-know-who was there pa.


Jennie said...

hahaha! lokah. :p wowow shows the latest movies and concerts/music festivals, friends & joey (w/o commercials) and the uncut version of sex and the city. oh yeah, it shows THoSE kinds of movies on saturdays at midnight (but they block it out, so it doesn't really matter hahaahaha!)

huhuhu.. sayang we lost. pero at least hindi tambak, di ba? super close yung both games. i was wondering ngs while i was watching it, if you were too, and what you were thinking, coz you-know-who was there.

Anonymous said...

hay naku mare naisip din kita nun kasi i know na di ka magpapalagpas ng ganung game....

what was i thinking? my heart was breaking at the time --- hahaha but not because of you-know-who....parang i was sad about the game sobra, tapos when i saw him nung closing na, parang i felt sad na that part of my life is over na...i have no regrets knowing him and having him be a part of my life, but i am sad na hanggang dun na lang...para bang he's a different person na...di ko na sya kilala...i could hear that Craig David song sa isip ko looking at him ("i just don't love you no more...")



jeanny said...

Hi Jennie. Sabi ko na nga bah eh, nanood ka nun. Kaw pa.
ha ha ha, talaga eenjoy namin ang winning pero Im not sure kung maibibigay namen ang champinoship next year....peace kapatid

Ay nainngit ako, pinatanggal kc namen ang cable namen mahal kc ng sky eh, wala naman nanood. Every weekend lang but were planning na pakabit ulet pro yung mas mura na cable na lang cguro :D

Jennie said...

clare, ka-sad naman nun, but it's good to kow you're moving on ;)

jeanny: hello! congrats, your team won. kaya lang, because of the current UAAP scandal, I doubt if makukuha namin uli yung championship next year :(

oo nga, sayang ang bayad sa cable kung most of the time you're not there to watch naman. uy, btw, kagutom yung cake na ginawa mo. :)