September na!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Wow... The -ber months are here and that means Christmas is just around the corner. :D

Ever wonder why time seems to fly faster when the -ber months start? I have no idea why, but it's always been that way since I can remember. That may be one of the reasons our Christmas season is considered the longest celebration in the world. Hehehe... Today I heard my first Christmas song on the radio. Nice :)

Booklovers, it's that time of the year again! The 26th Manila International Book Fair is ongoing and will last until Sept. 4, 2005. Visit the World Trade Center, Financial Center Area, Gil Puyat Ave., cor Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, and feel like you're in book heaven.


Your power is: Clairvoyance

Explanation: Your power is that you can look into the future and see what is coming. How far and long you can look is all depending on your skill level. This can, as all powers, be used in both evil and good. Even if it may seem like a boring ability it is a huge responsibility for the carrier, becase they are constantly tempted with doing the wrong deeds (e.g. cheat on a test). It takes high morals to not be brought down with it.

Therefore, you fit with this power quite well. You take responsibility and do the right thing. This does not make you a saint, since you're only human after all. But it makes a trustworthy person and you are loyal to comrades and/or team mates. In school you were probably a good student. If you were socia,l varies from person to person, but most clairvoyant people tend to prefer their own company or that of close friends and family. That is because you are wise and knows how to treasure the reliable in your life, since you know popularity can be a false element. You are also not that big on taking risks and prefer what is already explored. That is because you don't like suprises, they can turn out bad and then you won't be in control.

Negative aspects: Since you're always doing the right thing and being trustworthy all the time you can become frustrated. Also, all that you carry on your shoulders may stress you out. You need to relax to be in good mentalshape.

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Tin said...

allow me to be the first to post a christmas greeting here. Merry Christmas, Jennie! minus the circus in our government, i'm sure we Filipinos will have a happy one.

Jajey said... song..kakamiss talga satin..huhuh...

how are you na?

Jennie said...

merry christmas, TIN! :D

I do hope our Christmas will be a happy one :) after the circus in gov't, we deserve it :D

hello, JEY! yup. Christmas songs have been playing on the radio here :)

i'm okay, and i hope you are too!