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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Don't you just hate it when you've written quite a long entry and then your PC hangs or restarts? That's what happened to me earlier. Grrrr! Now let's hope I remember even half of what I wrote. :p

I've finally satisfied my crepe craving last Sunday. Yehey! It was worth the wait, even if my first crepe looked horrible. Hehehe! The first crepe had a hole in the middle because it stuck to the pan (obviously, hindi na non-stick yung teflon pan na nagamit ko. :p). The rest, however, were perfect. I filled the crepe with peach slices and whipped cream, rolled the crepe and topped it with chocolate syrup. Yumm... Gah! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. There goes the diet. Uhh.. what diet?! :p

My sister and I went to the 26th International Bookfair two Fridays ago. It was book heaven! The country's biggest book stores (National, Powerbooks, Fullybooked, A Different Bookstore, etc), publishing houses, distributors and University Presses (DLSU, AdMU, UP & UST), were there to showcase the latest books and bestsellers at discounted prices (20% - 70%).

There were so many books at discounted prices to choose from, I couldn't decide which ones to get. If I only had more moolah, then I wouldn't have had a hard time, but I had a budget and I decided to stick to it (because last year at the same book fair, I got so many books, I haven't even finished reading all of it up to now).

All in all I was able to purchase 5 books during the recent bookfair. First was Kokology: The Game of Self Discovery, by Japanese psychologists, Isamu Saito and Tadahiko Nagao. It features around 55 psychological questions, which "aim to delve into your subconscious, revealing how you truly feel about work, love, family, sex, and much more."

Grab a copy of Kokology (koh-KOL-oh-jee; from the Japanese kokoro, meaning "mind" or "spirit") if you enjoy quizzes and discover more about yourself. It's quite expensive for a small book, but it's worth it.

The second book I purchased was Holly by Jude Deveraux. It's a no-brainer for me. The second my sister handed the book to me, I didn't think twice about getting it. Especially since from P650.00, it was down to P195.00. I love Jude Deveraux's novels. It's one of my guilty pleasures. Hahaha! I've read all but two of her books and I'm 4 books shy of owning all her books in publication.

I have no idea what it's about, but I don't really care. I've never been disappointed by Deveraux, and I doubt I will be this time. Walang magagawa, favorite ko sha eh. :p

I loved Jeffrey Eugenides' first novel, The Virgin Suicides, which was made into a film by Sofia Coppola, a few years back. It starred Kirsten Dunst, James Woods, Josh Hartnett and Kathleen Turner. When I saw his next novel Middlesex, I grabbed it before anyone else could. It was on sale at A Different Bookstore, down to P95.00 from P395.00. That was a steal. :D

Buti na lang, mabilis ako. Kung hindi, mauunahan ako nung isang girl. Pero, ako naman talaga yung unang nakakita nun eh. :p

There were two other books I bought from local publisher, Anvil. These were trivia books, which I really like. I got those for 32 pesos each. I'm thinking we could have trivia games during our Christmas reunion, and we could use it :)

There were a gazillion books I wanted to buy, like the Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell book, a behind the scenes look at the award-winning series. I also liked The Historian, and the music coffeetable books at fullybooked, but I'm going to have to save up for these.

Hay... if only I was a millionaire....


Jet said...

Uhmmm... if you were a millionaire, wouldn't you be publishing the books instead of buying them? ehehe

Ako din. We're at MPH's mailing directory back in Singapore so everytime they have a sale, lagi kaming informed. Sa ngayon, andami pa talaga naming hindi nababasa sa mga binili naming libro.

Pero di ba, kahit papano it's still nice just having them, even if you don't know where to get the time to read them? Just knoing you have them if half the pleasure, ever if as you say, it's a guilty pleasure... hehe.

thess (suplada) said...

Hi Jennie! it's been ages since my last visit and I think it was destined that I read this entry because I've been searching for new books to read...written by someone I've never read before. Holly by J. Deveraux seems intriguing, i'll look it up.

have a fine weekend :)

Anonymous said...

hi jennie!Ü
well the computer hanging has not happened to me yet.Ö i'd probably go ballistic if ever. hehe. hey, i suddenly have this super crepe craving because of this entry. hehe. where'd you have your crepe? hope you're enjoying your saturday jennie!

Jennie said...

hi jet! hehe, i think i'd be a bookstore owner rather than a publisher :) mas masaya mamili.

nape-pressure naman ako pag nakikita ko yung mga books na hindi ko pa nababasa. i get this feeling that i have to read them now, but i cna't coz i'm still reading another one. hahaha!

hello thess :) nice to have you back. I highly recommend that you read "Knight in Shining Armor" by Jude Deveraux, that's my favorite. happy reading!

hi russ. good to hear it hasnt' happened to you yet. it makes me want to tear my hair out when it happens to ma and i've written quite a long entry. i've learned the hard way that i shouls always save whatever i'm doing periodically. :p

i made crepes last week, the first one was a disaster. LOL!