UAAP Finals Game 1

Friday, September 30, 2005

Yesterday's UAAP Championship Game 1 between my DLSU Green Archers and the FEU Tamaraws, was a nail-biter. It was, in my opinion, one of the best games ever, but it turned ugly at the end of the game.

DLSU's Joseph Yeo and FEU's Arwind Santos were exchanging words on court after FEU won (on TV it seemed harmless enough, coz they were both smiling, pero mukhang nag-aasaran.). At first, it looked like DLSU assistant manager Manny Salgado was breaking up an impending fight between the two. But as he was walking away, he clipped Santos at the back of the head, which resulted into a commotion between the teams and their supporters, and a debris throwing incident.

I was appalled at Mr. Salgado's action, which I'm sure the whole LaSallian community is condemning. It was very unsportsmanlike and shameful, especially for someone of his age and stature. It was a cheapshot.

Nakakahiya talaga.

Unlike in professional basketball, team managers and assistants in UAAP are not employed by the schools, but are alumni. That makes it worse. What he did not only reflects on his person, dinamay pa nya ang buong LaSallian community. Nakakaines. Sinira nya yung reputasyon ng buong school dahil sa ginawa nya.

He completely forgot that as a representative of the school and it's alumni, he should set a good example. It was just a game. Sure, school honor and pride are at stake, but I think it's more important how people react after they've lost. A person's true character emerges during failure. Too bad Mr. Salgado didn't choose to show his good side.

Good luck to the Green Archers. They've worked too hard to get to the Finals, they don't need a controversy like this hanging over their heads.


on blogthings

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For lack of anything substantial to write about, I decided to answer some quizzes from blogthings:

Your Life is Like

Say Anything...

Your Inner Retro Girl Is

1960s City Girl

Your Vibe Is Somewhat Sexy

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An inspiration seeker, you often have to change scenery to recharge.
You don't deal well with structure or rules. You need to do it your own way.
Your ideal relationships are free and flowing. No one can tie you down.

You Are a Skin Deep Sweetheart

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You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel.
People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation.
When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.

seeing the world in a new light

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My emote mode last Thursday didn't last the whole day. Around 5:30 pm, a package arrived for me at home. Yes! Finally, my Friends 'Til the End: The One with All Ten Years book arrived. It was a gift from my friend in the US, but I didn't get to see her when she was in the country, so she asked another friend to send it to me. And on Thursday it arrived. Woohoo! Thanks, MY for the book and thanks Janis for sending it to me. :)

I had this big grin on my face as I was perusing the book. It was great! I absolutely loved it. It was wonderful to look at the pictures and see how they've changed throughout the years, and it was even better to get a behind-the-scenes look and read the thoughts of the stars and producers of the show.

The book is perfect for Friends fanatics like me.

Friends started when I was 17 and I've never missed a single episode. I've probably watched each episode at least 4 times, thanks to syndication. :p Next plan is to get dvds of all 10 years. Ayayay! Madami-dami yun.

My sister and I went to Megamall yesterday to check out the Philippine Star - Jobstreet Job Fair at the Megatrade Hall. It's good that this event was conceptualized, coz it's very helpful for job seekers - newly graduates and those who feel they need a change in work environment. There were at least 20 big companies that participated and lots of job opportunities.

IT courses and call center opportunites are very in demand, judging from the companies that were there and the peolple they were looking for.

The jobfair was very helpful, in fact, I already have a schedule for interview next week. Not bad for an hour's stay at the Megatrade Hall.

BIG NEWS (for me :p): I finally got contacts. Yey! For the first time since I was in the 6th grade (Gawd! That's a looooong time.), I can see the world clearly without eyeglasses. :D

I was on my way to Bodyshop to buy a gift for someone, when a girl appraoched me about getting a free disposable contacts trial. I was intrigued and so I went to the optical shop to try it out, after I got what I needed at Bodyshop.

It was freaky at first, while I was trying to put the lens on my eye, but after about 15 minutes, I got it. Hehehe. The optometrist told me to try it on for at least 30 minutes and come back if I liked it. They held on to my eyeglasses (pang-hostage :p), while my sister and I went around the mall.

A minute after putting the lens in my eye, I couldn't feel it anymore. Wow. It felt great to walk around without glasses and see the world clearly. :D

After 30 minutes, we went back to the optical shop and I decided to get contacts. I got 2 pairs of Acuvue Soft Lens Contacts plus cleaning solution for P300, and I got to keep the pair I used during the trial period. Not bad. :) I could use each pair for at least 30 days, so I have a 3-month supply. Yey!

The tricky part is putting the lenses and taking it out, but in a few days I'll be so used to it, I could do it faster. It took me 10 minutes to put it in this morning. Hehe. But it's great. I love seeing the world without my eyeglasses. :)

I just found out it was
chocolate day yesterday. :D How cool is that?

emote mode?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I've been trying to blog for days. In fact, I have several drafts saved on blogger. I haven't published them for the following reasons: 1. I don't feel good about the entry, 2. I decided not to post another entry because that particular entry could make a situation worse, 3. It's not worth it to post my views on a certain person - suffice to say, she's not worth writing about (mwahaha!) 4. I'm bored out of my wits and I am overthinking my entries again. :p

I decided to just type whatever comes to mind. No proofreading before publishing. If I don't feel right about this entry, I could always delete it. Hehehe.. but knowing me, I wouldn't. I probably won't publish it, but I'll keep a copy somewhere on file. Siempre, manghihinayang naman ako sa sinulat ko. :p

I went to St. Luke's this morning to get Mom's Medical Records, which I need for something. I decided to read it on the way to the office. After reading the first page, I found myself tearing up again, which turned into a mini-bawl (much to the discomfort of our driver :p) I couldn't stop myself no matter how I tried, coz the things that happened on May 29, 2005 replayed in my head. In fast forward. Weird.

I finally stopped crying as we were traversing the Makati-Mandaluyong bridge. The tears stopped so abruptly, I had to laugh. I have a feeling our driver thinks I was going nuts this morning. Nyahaha!

It was a good cry, which I hadn't done in a while. I mean, I miss mom immensely, but I haven't cried like that since a few days after her funeral.

When I got to the office, I could feel all their eyes on me. Di ko maexplain, basta, pakiramdam ko lahat ng mata sa akin nakatingin. :p My ninang asked what happened to me. That's when I realized that I wasn't able to conceal the puffiness of my eyes and my nose was still quite red. Kakaines! Bale-wala yung pag-retouch ko, halatang-halata pa din na umiyak ako. What made it worse was that I was wearing a pink blouse, which emphasized the redness of my nose and the puffiness of my eyes. Heehee! Mukha siguro akong maga, kanina.

Gawd, I hate PMS. Uh... too much info, sorry. But that's the most plausible reason I could think of, why my tear ducts went on overdrive earlier. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One of my absolute pet peeeves is backstabbing. More than that. I hate backstabbers, who have already been found out (concrete evidences and all), yet still denies it or passes the blame to someone else. If there's a heirarchy of cowardice, I consider backstabbing to be or is near the top level.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't like to fight. I don't start fights, I just react, specially when my family is involved. You can say whatever you want to say about me, but the minute you drag my family into it, you better pray I don't find you before my temper simmers down. I'm an Arian, a Fire Dragon at that. Go figure out what that combination could do to you.

I also don't like people who have selective memories, who forget the times you've helped bail them out of trouble. I'm not saying that people I've helped should have "debts of gratitude" (utang na loob), because that's not why I've helped them in the first place. A simple thank you would suffice and the thought that one day they remember fondly that you've helped them out. I'm not asking for anything in return but respect.

book heaven

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Don't you just hate it when you've written quite a long entry and then your PC hangs or restarts? That's what happened to me earlier. Grrrr! Now let's hope I remember even half of what I wrote. :p

I've finally satisfied my crepe craving last Sunday. Yehey! It was worth the wait, even if my first crepe looked horrible. Hehehe! The first crepe had a hole in the middle because it stuck to the pan (obviously, hindi na non-stick yung teflon pan na nagamit ko. :p). The rest, however, were perfect. I filled the crepe with peach slices and whipped cream, rolled the crepe and topped it with chocolate syrup. Yumm... Gah! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. There goes the diet. Uhh.. what diet?! :p

My sister and I went to the 26th International Bookfair two Fridays ago. It was book heaven! The country's biggest book stores (National, Powerbooks, Fullybooked, A Different Bookstore, etc), publishing houses, distributors and University Presses (DLSU, AdMU, UP & UST), were there to showcase the latest books and bestsellers at discounted prices (20% - 70%).

There were so many books at discounted prices to choose from, I couldn't decide which ones to get. If I only had more moolah, then I wouldn't have had a hard time, but I had a budget and I decided to stick to it (because last year at the same book fair, I got so many books, I haven't even finished reading all of it up to now).

All in all I was able to purchase 5 books during the recent bookfair. First was Kokology: The Game of Self Discovery, by Japanese psychologists, Isamu Saito and Tadahiko Nagao. It features around 55 psychological questions, which "aim to delve into your subconscious, revealing how you truly feel about work, love, family, sex, and much more."

Grab a copy of Kokology (koh-KOL-oh-jee; from the Japanese kokoro, meaning "mind" or "spirit") if you enjoy quizzes and discover more about yourself. It's quite expensive for a small book, but it's worth it.

The second book I purchased was Holly by Jude Deveraux. It's a no-brainer for me. The second my sister handed the book to me, I didn't think twice about getting it. Especially since from P650.00, it was down to P195.00. I love Jude Deveraux's novels. It's one of my guilty pleasures. Hahaha! I've read all but two of her books and I'm 4 books shy of owning all her books in publication.

I have no idea what it's about, but I don't really care. I've never been disappointed by Deveraux, and I doubt I will be this time. Walang magagawa, favorite ko sha eh. :p

I loved Jeffrey Eugenides' first novel, The Virgin Suicides, which was made into a film by Sofia Coppola, a few years back. It starred Kirsten Dunst, James Woods, Josh Hartnett and Kathleen Turner. When I saw his next novel Middlesex, I grabbed it before anyone else could. It was on sale at A Different Bookstore, down to P95.00 from P395.00. That was a steal. :D

Buti na lang, mabilis ako. Kung hindi, mauunahan ako nung isang girl. Pero, ako naman talaga yung unang nakakita nun eh. :p

There were two other books I bought from local publisher, Anvil. These were trivia books, which I really like. I got those for 32 pesos each. I'm thinking we could have trivia games during our Christmas reunion, and we could use it :)

There were a gazillion books I wanted to buy, like the Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell book, a behind the scenes look at the award-winning series. I also liked The Historian, and the music coffeetable books at fullybooked, but I'm going to have to save up for these.

Hay... if only I was a millionaire....

on crepes and sesame street

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I've been craving for peach crepes since Thursday, because I watched a cooking show at BBCFood, and I remembered the peach-mango crepes my friend Eloi and I used to have at Aristocrat DLSU. I texted my best friend, Maita, if she knew a place where I could buy crepes and she texted back with an easy crepe recipe. That's why when I did the groceries yesterday, I bought Maya Kitchen Fluffy Hotcake mix (coz there's an instruction at the box on how to make crepes), canned peaches, all-purpose cream and Hershey's chocolate syrup. Yummy... I have to eat peach crepes before the weekend ends or I'll drive myself batty!

I was flipping channels this morning and when I reached the Hallmark channel, Sesame Street was on air. Hehehe... yep, I watched it and I kept laughing because I was singing along to all of the songs they sang on that particular episode. It's a relatively new episode coz Maria & Luis were older, but it was the Sesame Street that I grew up with.

Big Bird and Elmo sang "Sing" (sing.. sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long...), Bob sang "People In Your Neighborhood" (Who are the people in your neighborhood? in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood...), and Ernie sang "Rubber Duckie", lyrics below, which I found at the Sesame Street Lyrics Archive.

Rubber Duckie
sung by Ernie (Jim Henson)
Written by Jeffrey Moss

Rubber Duckie, you're the one,
You make bathtime lots of fun,
Rubber Duckie, I'm awfully fond of you;
(woh woh, bee doh!)

Rubber Duckie, joy of joys,
When I squeeze you, you make noise!
Rubber Duckie, you're my very best friend, it's true!
(doo doo doo doooo, doo doo)

Every day when I
Make my way to the tubby
I find a little fella who's
Cute and yellow and chubby

Rubber Duckie, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Rubber duckie, I'm awfully fond of you.

(repeat chorus)

Rubber Duckie, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Rubber duckie, I'm awfully fond of -
Rubber duckie, I'd like a whole pond of -
Rubber duckie I'm awfully fond of you!
(doo doo doo doooo, doo doo)

When I was a kid, I had a Bert & Ernie radio. I loved that radio, even if it was kinda hard to get a clear signal. Hehehe... Can you tell how much I love Sesame Street? I'm pretty sure it's still here in the house somewhere.

Sunny Day, sweeping the clouds away
On my way, to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street?

Where do we go from here?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

There you have it, after almost 24 hours in session, Congress has officially killed the impeachment complaint. I am disgusted at the mockery that I saw on TV.

I try to refrain from commenting about the political situation in the country today, but this time I want to. Watching the Congressional session since last night made me sick to the stomach. "Distinguished gentlemen" notably, Rep. Marcoleta (he with the Eddie Gil-like hairdo) was anything but a gentleman when he attacked former DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman personally, by comparing her height to Mahal & Mura. What kind of Congressman is that?

The others were clearly grandstanding, delivering kilometric speeches when all they wanted to say was that they vote Yes to the hurried Justice Commitee report junking the impeachment complaints. Why did I say that? Because the proceedings were televised and they started their speeches by saying hello to their constituents watching TV. Ugh.

I believe that the chance for us to know the truth behind the Garci tapes and the alleged cheating during the past election was stopped today. The impeachment trial was the perfect venue to prove or disprove the allegations, but sadly it will not happen anymore.

Please add your signatures to the Black & White Movement, if you want to show your disgust at the recently concluded Congressional Session.

September na!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Wow... The -ber months are here and that means Christmas is just around the corner. :D

Ever wonder why time seems to fly faster when the -ber months start? I have no idea why, but it's always been that way since I can remember. That may be one of the reasons our Christmas season is considered the longest celebration in the world. Hehehe... Today I heard my first Christmas song on the radio. Nice :)

Booklovers, it's that time of the year again! The 26th Manila International Book Fair is ongoing and will last until Sept. 4, 2005. Visit the World Trade Center, Financial Center Area, Gil Puyat Ave., cor Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, and feel like you're in book heaven.


Your power is: Clairvoyance

Explanation: Your power is that you can look into the future and see what is coming. How far and long you can look is all depending on your skill level. This can, as all powers, be used in both evil and good. Even if it may seem like a boring ability it is a huge responsibility for the carrier, becase they are constantly tempted with doing the wrong deeds (e.g. cheat on a test). It takes high morals to not be brought down with it.

Therefore, you fit with this power quite well. You take responsibility and do the right thing. This does not make you a saint, since you're only human after all. But it makes a trustworthy person and you are loyal to comrades and/or team mates. In school you were probably a good student. If you were socia,l varies from person to person, but most clairvoyant people tend to prefer their own company or that of close friends and family. That is because you are wise and knows how to treasure the reliable in your life, since you know popularity can be a false element. You are also not that big on taking risks and prefer what is already explored. That is because you don't like suprises, they can turn out bad and then you won't be in control.

Negative aspects: Since you're always doing the right thing and being trustworthy all the time you can become frustrated. Also, all that you carry on your shoulders may stress you out. You need to relax to be in good mentalshape.

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