Monday, August 22, 2005

I received an email notification from Friendster that a college buddy sent me a message, but I didn't get to open it until tonight.

The first thing I did as soon as I got in front of the PC was to open the friendster message: 1. because it's been years since I heard from him, and 2. the message subject was about another college buddy, who's making a name as a great music artist.

I was surprised at the message. My friend Ahlee said that our friend Wilfrid, aka Wolfmann of Wolfmann+ passed away yesterday, at St. Luke's, due to an aneurysm. He was in a coma for two days. I had goosebumps. I didn't expect the message to be that. He's too young to die.

We used to call him Hero Bautista in college, because he bears a resemblance to him (although, shempre lamang naman si Wilfrid ng madaming paligo dun :p). Hindi sha napipikon, everytime we teased him. :) We had a 3 day trip to Zambales for one of our major classes, and we had to stay with an Aeta community. We had to walk 4-5 hours to get to the place (our bus couldn't go there), but we had fun coz he kept telling jokes. We were dead tired when we arrived, but we weren't grumpy. On the last night of our trip, we had a "cultural night" and he played the guitar, while we all sang along. Those were fun times.

He was one of the guys who pulled me out of quicksand when I accidentally stepped on it and was stuck to my waist, on our way home. But not before he was bent over laughing. Kasi daw nagulat sha bigla na lang ako lumiit. Hehehe... ang payat-payat pa naman nya nun.

Sayang... he had so much going for him. His dream was turning into a wonderful reality, only to be cut short.

Wilf's remains lie in state at Funeraria Paz Manila Memorial Park along Sucat Road. A Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday night and Funeral rites will be on Thursday at 9 a.m.

Rest in peace, Wilfrid.

I hope my next entry is going to be a happy one. I'm tired of depressing posts.

Ooops! I just found that although my blog looks fine on Firefox, it's not on Internet Explorer. Walang right margin. Nyii.. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix it. So far, no matter how I try to fix it, there's no difference. Change your browsers to Firefox na lang. (hehe)


cnbgirl said...

looking forward to seeing happy posts from you... :)

russ said...

ayayay. am sorry to hear bout your buddy...

like cnbgirl, i also look forward to seeing happier entries. take care jennie... Ü

Jennie said...

hi cnbgirl & russ! :)

thanks, happier post on the way. kaya lang pc at home is acting up, next week na ako uli makakapost. hehe.. hopefully, the weekend will do me good.

happy weekend!