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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We recently upgraded our computer at home, but it kept restarting on it's own, so we decided to take it back to the computer shop and have it checked.

The problem?
There was something wrong with the new hard disk and it had to be replaced. All 80 GBs of it. The files were unrecoverable. Boohoohoo! Goodbye files. See? That's why you always have to back up your files, which I didn't. The last time I backed-up my files was a few months ago, and God only knows how many files I've had since then. I thought all my files were still on my brother's ipod. Unfortunately, he already transfered it when we upgraded. Waaah! Even my old blog templates were gone. Oh my! Adieu mp3 files... Nyay! It's a good thing I transferred my picture files on flickr, photobucket, multiply and friendster photos.

It's probably a good thing - me losing all my files. It's a chance to start anew. On a clean slate. :)

I was tagged by the lovely Tin. Hehehe.. she knows how much I love answering these. :D


Seven things that scare me:
darkness, losing a loved one, ghosts, needles, blood, snakes and other creepy crawlies, dying alone

Seven things I like the most:
family, sunflowers, good conversations, roadtrips, summer outings with my cousins, our Christmas reunion, CHOCOLATES! :D

Seven random facts about me:
I'm a chocoholic; my family & friends are very important to me; if I hate a person (hmm.. hate is such a strong word, dislike immensely might be a better term), I cut that person off my life (as in, no communication and, i delete all contact info - ang bad ko no? :p); i used to draw and paint a lot in high school, but I rarely do that now; i want to start scrapbooking; i'm very transparent - you could see from my face how I really feel; i use mayonaisse as a dip

Seven important things in my bedroom:
My bed, my 12 pillows, my books, TV, stereo, kikay stuff, clothes

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
travel to Ireland; travel to Tuscany, Italy; get married; have children; own a business; skydive; bungee jump

Seven things I can do:
sing; draw; paint; multi-task; cook; put make-up in a moving vehicle (hahaha!); swim

Seven things I can’t do:
dance in public; play the guitar; sleep with all the lights off; sleep unless i'm on tummy; do cartwheels;

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:
eyes, height, smile, sense of humor, intelligence, respect for others (especially women), voice (singing or speaking)

Seven things I say the most:
Nyarks! Ngek! Ay, shyet! Di nga? Owws? Ano ba? Ayus!

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):
Michael Vartan, Chad Michael Murray, Brad Pitt (before Angelina), Tom Cruise (before Katie), Colin Farrell (before he became scruffy looking, hehehe), Tom Welling, Aga Muhlach forever (nyahaha!)

Seven people you want to see take this quiz:
Diwata, Dinah, missP, Rianne, Raissa, and anyone who wants to answer.


Tin said...

wow! putting make-up on in a moving car! *clap* *clap* ako kahit lip gloss lang, lumalampas! hahaha.

Jennie said...

hehehe.. practice makes perfect, tin :p

jey said...

files were all gone? that sucks..hehe..

Jennie said...

sucks talaga... :( all files gone

clare said...

naku that recently happened to me diba? sucks talaga...

mare i moved uli...hehehe! i'll answer this tag there na lang...

Jennie said...

hehehe.. i had a feeling you moved again. lol

surprisingly, i'm not that upset that i lost my files. weird.