Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Finally, after a very stressful couple of months, I can say that things are getting better. Whatever stuff has been plaguing my head and making me stressed have either been resolved or near it's resolution. Thank God! Coz frankly, another month of it and I'd probably have a nervous breakdown.

I nearly had one, two weeks ago.

Thank goodness for my Tita Belle, for talking me through it. What's bad about it, is that it happened at the office. I was getting really frustrated, and whenever I'm frustrated, I cry. The floodgates just open and I can't stop it unless I feel better. When I felt that I was gonna cry out of frustration, I immediately dialled my Tita's number and let it all out. Quietly, of course. Or else, aside from everyone seeing me from the glass partition of the cubicle, they would hear me bawling my eyes out. Hehe.

It true what people say about the lack of sleep when something's bothering you. I had a hard time sleeping becuase I've been doing too much thinking. Overthinking. I tend to do that sometimes. I think too far ahead into the future. I think up scenarios in my head and it ultimately increases my anxiety level. And then I cry when I feel overwhelmed. Sus! Iyakin to the max ako.

I feel very relieved that things are looking up. :) Finally, I no longer sleep and wake up with a pounding headache. Hallelujah!


joooeeeiii said...

true true. i had that "sleepless spell" too recently. turned out yun nga i was bothered about something. but when i got to resolve it, i was able to sleep finally.

glad u get to sleep na rin. insomnias are the worst!


Jennie said...

hi joei! ang sarap talagang matulog pag wala kang iniisip. :D