on templates and chocolate toothpaste

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I got tired of my old template so I decided to change it. I wanted my new template to be simpler this time and lessen the frills. It took me a while to tweak it, but I'm happy with the results.

I think my new blog template is now appropriate for my age. Hehehe!

Has anyone tried the limited edition Close-up flavalicious toothpastes? I've been curious since I saw the commercials, but being the chocoholic that I am, only the choco loco flavor caught my eye. So the next time I did the groceries, I bought it and as soon as I got home I tried it.

I felt weird.

It smells like regular toothpaste but tastes like mint chocolate. I was tempted to swallow it (hahaha!), and I am sure that little kids who'll try it, would swallow it.

After brushing my teeth using the choco loco toothpaste though, it doesn't feel like I brushed my teeth at all. Maybe it's just me, but I'd stick to good old fashioned mint toothpaste. It's just not for me, but I am sure the kids will love it. I'd rather eat chocolate than brush with chocolate flavored toothpaste, anyway. :)

I finally got around to doing my 43 things list. Yey! Now all I have to do is to accomplish it one goal at a time. :)


missP said...

hmmm, chocolate flavored??? toothpaste? ano kaya lasa nun? teka, ano nga pala ang tagalog term ng toothpaste?

mag wi weekend na ulit... enjoy!


Jajey said...

hey there jennie! musta na?

yeah, regular toothpaste is better than those flavored ones...

take care dear!

Jennie said...

hi missP! naku, kailangan ko pa i-research kung ano ang toothpaste sa Tagalog :p

mejo weird para sa akin yung chocolate flavored toothpaste. pagka-brush ng teeth, parang kakakain ko lang ng chocolate ang feeling ko. basta, weird sha :p

hello, jajey! i'm ok, i hope you are, too. :) tagal mo ding nawala :)

yup, regular toothpaste pa din ang the best. :)

kai b. said...

hi, im back!!

i'm waiting for tickets to see ROCKSTAR:INXS!!

i want to be MiG's bestfriend!!

jeanny said...

HI Jennie. New template and it's nice :D

tried that close-up choco loco toothpaste and your right, its kinda weird. feeling nde ako nag brush. :D

Have a nice week ahead !

Jennie said...

hi kai! wow! good luck. i hope you get your tickets soon.

happy weekend!

hi Jeanny! thanks

Haha! akala ko ako lang yung feeling hindi nagbrush after using it. :p

Have a nice week, too!