to know or not to know

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Given the chance to look into your future, would you choose to know?

Honestly I am torn. On one hand I am curious to know what lies ahead for me. On the other hand. I am terrified. What if my future turns out to be really unfortunate?

I don't really believe in predictions, although the curiosity factor is very strong. I think we make our own destinies, that our futures aren't mapped out even before we were born. But wouldn't it be nice to know our what lies ahead for us? Hehehe.. nice to know, but only if it's good. :p

If I learn that my future will turn out to be really unfortunate, I could react two ways: 1. be really depressed and think "What's the point of living if my future is bleak?", or 2. I could tell myself there's still time to reverse that future and make it a better one. Of course, I prefer the latter reaction. :)

So, would you choose to know?