on summer heat and fruit baskets

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My cellphone's signal has been fluctuating for the past three days. I'm thinking the extreme heat in the metro is causing the signal interruptions. Or were there solar storms again?

It has been reported that the temperature high the other day for Metro Manila was 39.2 degrees Celcius. Dear Lord, 39.2?! No wonder people have been crankier.

It feels like were in an oven, specially around lunch time. And the heat just makes me lazier. After all, who would want to move a muscle when any small movement would make one sweat? Eew.

Ice chips, ice cream, popsicles or halo-halo sounds so good right now.

I think I'm starting to get a bit of a cough. Ack! It's the effect of the heat of the day and the rainstorms at night. What a crazy weather we're having.

We've been using two refrigerators at home since we got back from the hospital. Mom received a number of the requisite get-well-soon fruit baskets and it wouldn't fit in just one ref. So we had to turn the other one on (we only use it during the holiday season and when there are parties/get-togethers at home, when food is abundant :D).

We've given some of it away, but then another round of visitors would come with more fruits and we're back to square one. Hehehe! It just keeps multiplying. Sometimes I think I should make a note: "In lieu of fruits, please donate to the Jennie Sales Foundation (otherwise known as my wallet, heehee!)"

Apples, oranges, mangoes or grapes, anyone?


bullish1974 said...

apples and mangoes, please. thank you.

Jennie said...

apples and mangoes, coming right up ;)