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Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm such a delinquent bloghopper. I haven't been able to visit my friend's blogs lately. Yikes! I need to catch up on my blog reading. :)

Finally, after enduring 37.5 degrees Celcius days, it rained tonight. Hallelujah!

I had an inkling that it was gonna rain when I noticed lots of "gamo-gamo" (what's the English term for that, anyway? :p) flying near the light fixtures. Di ba there's this old Pinoy saying that when there are gamo-gamo, it would rain soon?

An hour after we noticed the gamo-gamos, it poured. Yey! The first rain of May. Summer may be over soon. And as much as I love summer, I'd like some more rain please, or else I might have heatstroke. (knock on wood!)

Hmmm.. Naalala ko din yung old wives tale na mawawala ang bungang-araw (eew) mo, pag naligo ka sa unang bagsak ng ulan pag May na. Hahaha! Di kaya excuse lang yun to run around in the rain? :p

I'm so glad it will be cool when I sleep tonight. :D

I have a bit of super delayed reactions about recent pop culture events. Please bear with me. Hehehe.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?! Ayayay! Never in my wildest dreams (hmm.. parang iba yata ang dating nito? bwahaha!) have I thought that they would become a couple. It just seems unlikely. And Tom Cruise making out with her in front of the paparazzi?! So not like the Tom Cruise I know (ahaha! feeling close :p).

Finally, Scott Savol is out of American Idol. I still can't believe that he stayed longer than Anwar Robinson and Constantine Maroulis. And maybe Nadia Turner (although her song choices did her in). It boggles my mind how he lasted that long. Sure he has a good singing voice (though not as great as Anwar), but he's so maangas. Scott's definitely not as charming as Constantine, in fact, he's quite arrogant. I'm so glad he's out.

And why is Anthony Federov still there, too? He should have been gone weeks ago. I guess his "boyband looks" and his being a "miracle baby" makes the audience root for him. I'm guessing he'll be out next week.

Go Bo Bice! Since Anwar and Constantine are gone, I am rooting for him. I don't like Carrie coz she's not versatile. Every song she sings end up sounding country. :p But obviously, the judges like her.

I have a feeling Rob and Amber wouldn't win The Amazing Race 7. It could be Uchenna and Joyce. Definitely not Ron and Kelly (I hate her! Napaka-arte.)

Hay... enough of the couch potato entry. LOL!

It's Mother's Day tomorrow. Go and tell your mom how much you love her and show her how you appreciate all the things she has done for you. Give her big hugs and kisses. I'm sure she'll appreciate that more than any gift you'd give. :)

Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom in the world! Shempre para sa akin, mommy ko yun. :D Love you, Ma.