pet peeves

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Since some of the things I like are already listed on my sidebar, I am going to write down some of my pet peeves. Hehehe.

1. I hate commuting. Ask my siblings, they know how much. If it's absolutely necessary to commute, I would rather take a cab than go hunting for jeeps, FX or buses. Kung may magtatanong sa aking kung ano ang sasakyan papunta sa isang lugar, mahihilo sha kasi hindi ko alam. Alam ko kung ano ang dadaanan papunta dun, pero di ko alam kung ano ang sasakyan para makadating sha dun.

2. Songs by april boy, sexbomb, maskulados, etc. I cringe whenever I hear those songs. I especially hate it when I get LSS.

3. Stupid MMDA rules. wet rag scheme, U-turn slots with protruding concrete barriers, which makes it dangerous at night and cause more traffic, EDSA pink barriers, weird MMDA signs (for example: Bawal tumawid. Nakamamatay.), pink male urinals along major roads.

4. When I buy a cd and the enhanced special edition comes out a week after.

5. Our noisy neighbors. there's this kid who lives at the house in front of us that has a really loud voice (actually, they all have loud voices, but this little tiyanak has the loudest voice). Case in point: I'm in my room (located at the back part of the house) and the girl is in front of their house, and I can hear her clearly. Now she's screaming "Darna!" every night, pretending she's the pinoy superhero. ARGH!!

6. Washing the dishes and folding the laundry. I, however like cleaning the CR. LOL!

7. Bad hair day & pms. No need for explanations. Mwehehe!

8. Rippling muscles. Nyaiks! Arnold Schwarzenegger types. Scary.

9. Carlos Agassi. I turn the TV off or I switch channels whenever he's there. Sobrang poser. Ewan ko ba, ang init ng dugo ko sa kanya. :p

10. Chewing loudly and chewing with mouths open. Eeeeeeeeew!

11. People you haven't seen in a long time who say, "Uy, kamusta ka na? Tumataba tayo ah." Hello? Don't you think I know that? Obvious naman eh, no need to point it out. :p

12. Being asked my age and then asking why I'm not married yet. It's not as if I'm lonely and I'm desperate to get married. What's so wrong about being 28 and single?

13. Guys who say they'll call but don't and then resurface a few months after, texting out of the blue, and asks how you've been. Kung feeling mo ikaw yun, baka nga ikaw. :p I know you read my blog. And to answer your question: I'm fabulous. Hahahaha!

14. Ampalaya and okra. two veggies I can never eat.

15. Local tv shows and movies obviously copied from foreign shows & movies. Be more creative naman.

That's it. My top 15 pet peeves. :) So what are some of yours?

It's my >sister's birthday tomorrow, so...

Happy Birthday, Chie!


dennah said...

naku, jen...

i hate commuting. ask chie how'd i'd come to museo always in a cab... even if i have only a few bucks left. but to and from work, la ko choice but to take the bus/jeep/tryke.

i hate, hate, soooooo hate CA.

numbers 8 and 15 are sooooo CA. tho ung number 8, feeling lang nya. hehehehe.

uy, advance happy halloween :)

Jennie S said...

hahaha! cab girls unite! :p

kaines si CA noh? makita ko lang, naaasar na ako. hahaha! tama ka, 8 feeling, but 15 sha na sha.

uy.. salamats!