my winning moment

Monday, April 18, 2005

Image018The picture on the left shows my winning moment. Haha! That's the winner's board at SM Sucat, which my sister took a picture of, when we went there today to claim my prize. Yahoo!

Yep, the gift cheques are in my hands now. Heehee! Why gift cheques? Coz the girl from SM gave me 50 gift cheques worth 200 each (yep, count 'em, fifty!). Wahaha! Tama ba naman yun? Sana worth 500 or 1,000, para konti lang. Reklamador noh? Nanalo na nga eh, may reklamo pa. :p

It was funny because before we got it, my sister jokingly said, "Paano kung malaking cheque ang ibigay sa iyo?" (like the ones symbolically given to winners for photo ops during press releases). And I said, "Pos yun yung ipangbabayad ko, no?" We laughed at how absurd it would look if we actually paid for our purchases with the BIG cheque. Of course we knew that the big cheques are only for photo ops, but it was funny to think about. :p

I asked the SM people if it was necessary to give them a 1 x 1 picture and they said it was. Bummer. So I had no choice but to have my picture taken and give it to them. Okay na sana kung 1 x 1 pic lang. But no, they blow up the picture to about 4 x 4, before they post it at the winner's board. Great. Now my pic would really be seen. The good thing is, they don't put the picture beside the names, they group it together below the list. Yey! Pero nandun pa din yung mukha ko for at least 2 months. Waaah!