lucky birthday

Friday, April 15, 2005

This has got to be my luckiest birthday ever. Someone from the SM malls called me this morning to inform me that I won last night's raffle draw. I got a PhP10,000 gift cheque! Woohoo!!! Finally, after all the stubs we've filled out, someone from the family won.

Yesterday when I was dropping the stubs on the drop box (er... wheel?) I was muttering to myself, "Sa dinami-dami ng hinulog ko, pag di pa ako nanalo, ewan ko na." Lo and behold, the winning stub had my name on it. Yey! :D

The only downside to it is that I have to give them a 1 x 1 picture of myself, which means my face will be plastered on the winner's board at SM Sucat. Nyaiks! I better find a decent looking one.... OR ELSE! :p

Thank you dear family and friends for the wonderful birthday greetings (via texts, phonecalls, emails, friendster bulletins and here of course). Waking up to your messages made my birthday even more special.


bullish1974 said...

since i'm from the dirty south as well, i'm gonna check that sm sucat's winner's board! LOL!

happy birthday, jennie.

chie said...

YEHEYYYYYY!!!!! shopping spree na to! hehehehe...

Jeanny said...

Happy Birthday Jennie. picture ka ba kamo sa SM Sucat, silipin ko nga sometime. :D

Jennie said...

oh no! don't look! LOL

thanks, mike :)

chie, ahahaha! shopping talaga! :D

hi jeanny! thank you :)

oh no! wag mo silipin, baka mabulag ka. bwahahahaha! pero k lang, wala pa naman dun eh, di kopa nake-claim. heehee!