it's nice to be back!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's been days since I last blogged again. Umatake na naman yung katamaran ko. I go online almost everyday but I don't have the heart to blog. Must be one of those days. :)

So what have I been up to lately? Well, I've been planning on making my own website. I already have an idea on how I want it to look, but I'm still brushing up on my web design skills (kahit gaano kaunti yung alam ko, hehe! Thanks to Dreamweaver MX & pangungulit with my siblings). It would probably take me months to come up with one, but I'm excited.

If I lose interest in it or if I get frustrated, I'd either drop the idea or I'd ask my brother to start it if he has the time, and I'll just tweak it. Psst! Gawa mo ko, ha? Hehehe.. hoping. :p

I accompanied mom to her doctor's appointment this morning. She's supposed to have her 3rd chemo cycle today, but her doctor decided to postpone it to next week, because mom's white blood count (WBC) was a little low. It's best to postpone it in this case, otherwise, mom will have a hard time. So mom's next chemo will be next week, after her doctor arrives from her seminar in the US.

Mom gained 6 pounds over the past week and I am so glad! :) She's lost about 15 pounds since starting chemo and I was starting to get worried. But yesterday she weighed in and found out that she gained weight. Yey! I guess our pangungulit for her to eat more worked. Plus, since her sisters visited last Holy Week, her appetite has improved. :) The visit really did her good.

Mom has had food cravings and we've seen to it that she gets what she craves. She jokes that her chemo makes her feel like she's infanticipating, with the food cravings and all. Hehehe, it makes me so happy that mom hasn't lost her sense of humor, unlike other chemo patients. Laughter still is the best medicine. And lots of prayers, of course.

Last Sunday, we had dinner at Trinity in Dampa, on account of my sister's birthday last Friday, and mom was craving for some fresh seafoods. :p I like eating at Dampa because it's guaranteed fresh, the food tastes great, it's relatively cheap and it's near. We had shrimps sauteed in garlic butter with chili, sinigang sa miso, baked tahong and inihaw na liempo. Gastronomic delights! Grabeh, sumuko ako sa dami at sa sarap. Hahahaha!

Sometime last week I caught 2 Fast 2 Furious on HBO. It wasn't a good movie. In fact, I only watched it because of the jaw-dropping cars, Paul Walker and Eva Mendes. Mwehehe! 3 reasons why I endured watching it from start to finish.

So okay, Paul Walker's acting was bland, but that seriously didn't matter to me. Total eye-candy. The cars were great, but I'd have to have a sizable fortune before I can get me one of those, so it will just stay in my dreams. Heehee! But Eva Mendes, goodness, if I were a lesbian, I'd totally go for her. She's not conventionally sexy, but she oozes sexiness. There's just something about her that screams, "I'm so hot."

Ay ano ba yan? It must be the weather. Nyahahaha!

I bought the latest issue of Cosmo Magazine this afternoon and I saw her new Revlon ads with Halle Berry. She reminds me of a young Cindy Crawford, but Eva is, not to be redundant, sexier. Ted Casablanca of E! Entertainment, in his column would always ask women celebrities if they were a man (or if they led an alternative lifestyle) , which celebrity they would go for. 8 out of 10 say Angelina Jolie (no surprise there :p) , but if I were asked (feeling celeb, haha!), I'd definitely answer Eva Mendes. But I am still a girl in heart, mind and body. :p