Halle baby :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Great. I lost my entry as I posted it. Kaines! I hope I can remember some of the things I wrote earlier.

Halle's birthday 031Halle's birthday 009It was my cousin, Kuya Rob's birthday yesterday and I sent him an SMS to greet him. He lives in the UK with his British wife Karen and their daughter, adorable, little Halle. We haven't seen each other in ages so we caught up with each other's lives.

After several SMS exchanges, he said he was going to send me an email with the latest photos of Halle, a couple of which I am posting here. I think these were taken on her first birthday last year.

She's almost a year and a half years old now and I've only seen her in pictures. Hopefully I'd see her soon coz I am excited to hear her British accent. Heehee! I am sure, though that when I do see her, mang-gigigil ako. Sobra.


franz said...

soooo cute!!!!! :)

mud said...

cute ng pamangkin mo. :D

lost your post again? see, that's why i draft them in Word first. hehe.

Jennie said...

franz, mana sa tita. Hahaha!

Jennie said...

hi mud! thanks! hehehe, brit accent pa yan :p

hay, I never learn :p i always forget to write a draft or copy what i wrote before i post.