habemus papam

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany has been elected the new pope, by the College of Cardinals yesterday (12:30 am Manila time). He has chosen the name Pope Benedict XVI, and was greeted by the faithful on the Plaza di San Pietro with loud cheers.

Since the death of our beloved Pope John Paul II, there have been numerous sites publishing the Prophecies about the Last 10 Popes by St Malachy. I've always been a curious person and I immediately checked it out as soon as I got the link. I admit I even googled it. After I read it, I felt a bit scared, but I put it at the back of my mind. I didn't remember it until my sister sent me an SMS at 2 in the morning (hehehe, sa iisang bahay lang nakatira, nagte-text pa noh? :p), asking about the Prophesy, which mentioned something about St. Benedict.

I waited for the results of the balloting on the first day of the conclave. Black smoke was emitted from the chimney. The one night I slept early in weeks, was the night they announced the election of the new Pope. Pope Benedict XVI. So when my sister SMSed me, I was immediately awake and recalled what I read about it.

So what did St. Malachy prophesize? To paraphrase loosely, he said that: 1. there will only be 2 popes after Pope John Paul II; 2. that the next one after him would have something to do with the Olivetians (Order of St. Benedict) , and 3. the last Pope (called Peter the Roman) would be the "Anti-Pope" (as opposed to anti-Christ), from which the Roman Catholic Church and the world would experience turbulence, which will lead to The End.

Kinda creepy diba? I don't want to dwell on it too much, but I was alarmed at first. But then I realized it may or may not come true. There's no use scaring myself with these prophecies. Basta I have faith in God, I know everything will turn out right. :)

My sister and I studied at a Benedictine school from Prep to 4th year High School. Since the new Pope chose the name Benedict, our alma mater songs came to mind: "Let's Cheer for St. Scholastica" and "Come Loyal Benedictine Children" Hehehe... we ended up singing it in the car, as well as the other songs we used to sing in school (like our first communion songs, etc.). Reminiscing mode, ahaha! We couldn't remember some of the words so we decided to look it up online. No such luck. Hahaha! But I did find my graduation mass book. Now I have a new "project" - to find the lyrics of the songs. :p