April Fools?

Friday, April 01, 2005

I was going to write an April Fool's day post today, but obviously I am not going to. I had it all planned out - I was going to write that I got engaged or that I got secretly married. Yep, that would be a hoot, coz I don't even have a significant other (prospect? hehehe... that requires another post :p).

Human frailty really affect me. Especially now that I learned from the news that Pope John Paul II is in grave condition, and has already been given the sacrament of extreme unction. I had hoped that it was just an April Fool's joke, albeit a cruel one. But it wasn't. I am saddened because even if I have said time and again, that I disagree with certain Catholic church dogmas, I have great affection for the Pope. He's the only pope I've known and he has proven to be a good leader of the Church. The way he apologized for the sins of the Catholic Church (inaction during the holocaust, the crusades, etc) during the Millenium celebration, shows his greatness. It takes a strong man to admit wrongdoing, and it takes an even stronger man to admit to an institution's mistakes.

In my eyes, there's a certain air of infallibility that surround the Pope. But that has been slowly dissipating of late. His condition during the past couple of months have deteriorated, but today it has taken a turn for the worst. I, along with the Catholics of the world, pray that he'll overcome this obstacle.

Terri Schiavo has passed on. Up to her death, her husband, Michael, was insensitive to her family. Ten minutes before she died, her brother and her sister, along with their spiritual counsel Rev. Frank Pavone, were told to leave the room, because her doctors need to do something, and that her husband was going to be there. That was so cruel! He never even let her family be with her on her time of death.

Terri's husband had already moved on years ago. He has a fiancee and has fathered two children with her. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how heartless he has been to Terri's parents.

On a more pleasant note, I found this article on Yahoo: Bikinis for toddler's spark controversy.

OSLO (Reuters) - A Swedish bikini-style top for toddlers will be withdrawn from sale amid criticism from a Norwegian cabinet minister that bra-like clothing was inappropriate for small girls.

"It is remarkably daft to make bra-like bikinis for one-year-olds," Norwegian Minister of Children and Family Affairs Laila Daavoey was quoted as telling the Norwegian daily Verdens Gang Thursday.

"This is a terrible commercialization of childhood. Children are not women. Bikinis on small children are a way of linking children to sexuality. We must say 'No' to this," she said.

Mwehehe! Buti pa yung mga babies makakasout ng bikini, ako hindi.

Why oh why was Anwar in the bottom three in this week's American Idol? Anthony Fedorov deserved it more than him. Boo!

Sure, his being a "miracle baby" is inspiring. But he's extremely boring (to borrow one of Simon Cowell's favorite commentary). He has to go next week.

Nikko Smith was a revelation this week (hehe.. boyband moment :p). Mario Vasquez must be banging his head on the wall for quitting AI... or not. :p

mega-delayed reaction: Yehey! Mikalah's gone! :D

I've felt so out of sorts lately. I haven't even replied to texts and calls. A great deal of things have been happening around me lately and I feel claustrophobic. Ewan. Di ko mashado ma-explain. Basta, ang weird ng pakiramdam ko. As my friend Aims used to tell me, I have become a social hermit. :p Yep, I'm on that phase again. Could it be because I'll turn another year older in two weeks? I don't think so, coz I don't see the connection. Hehehe.

Hopefully, this weekend I'll be over the hermit phase. :)

Happy weekend, lovely peeps!


dennah said...

jen! miss me? hehe... i just realized why chie replied to my text about the pope's situation na baka april's fool joke lang daw... it was april 1 pala yday...

anyways, sa AI, i'm for bo, ewan ko ba. pero i did like constantine's performance last wednesday. kahit na feeling ko pa-cute sya talaga... hehehehe.


Jennie said...

dins! oo naman, na-miss kita ;) hehehe.. actually, pagka-text mo sa kanya, nagtext sha sa akin, tinatanong kung totoo, baka nga daw april fool's joke lang.

ako for anwar and carrie. i like bo, too. kya lang di ko nagustuhan nung kinanta nya yung "time in a bottle" ni jim croce. nabaduyan ako :p i used to like constantine, pero nababawasan na. mashado shang pa-cute! his voice isn't that great, but he does have charisma. :)

have a good week ahead!

kitiwiti said...

kulasa ka ba? did a google to check my kulasa lyrics but your blog came up. didnt see any kulasa lyrics tho.