Holy Week and I

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I have been too lazy to blog lately. I blame it all on PMS (wahaha! convenient excuse, I know). I have so much to blog about, I even have an outline. Yup, you read that right, I have an outline. I'm not sure if I'm just terribly OC or because I've been used to making outlines whenever I would compose a long prose/essay/paper/research. It makes my thoughts more organized. Heehee, my grade school English teacher would be so happy when she learns I still do what she taught us back then. :p

Now I know it's officially summer. After the typhoon last week, which didn't pass through Manila. This week, so far, it's been scorching. Hmmm.. I used to wonder when I was a child if it was hot because it was Holy Week. Feeling ko kasama sa kalbaryo ng Semana Santa yung init. :p Of course, I know now that's it's because Holy Week is in summer. But I do notice that it seems hotter during Holy Week.

We're supposed to have finalized our plans for the annual clan outing by now. We usually have it during Holy Week when everybody is available and because quite a number have birthdays and special occasions to celebrate in March and April. This year, we weren't able to make any plans, because we've all been pre-occupied. It's usually mom, her sister Tita Belle and I who initiates the plan, but since mom is undergoing chemo, the annual family outing slipped our minds. I didn't even realize it until my Tita mentioned that they didn't want to go swimming without us. My tita and I have a secret plan, and it's been quite hard for me to keep it a secret from everyone, especially mom. Tita Belle made me promise not to tell mom coz she wanted it to be a surprise and if it doesn't push through, she didn't want mom to be disappointed.

When I was growing up, Holy Week had a lot of restrictions, specially when my maternal grandmother was still alive. No playing, no loud voices, no laughing out loud, no tv (well, that one we had no choice because the local stations were signed off or they were showing religious movies at night, and there was no cable tv yet :p) . It was hard! Specially for hyperactive kids. I was fidgetty and I was bored. But I did like watching Jesus of Nazareth because Robert Powell, who portrayed Jesus, had eyes with the most amazing shade of blue.

Holy Week in my youth was a time of quiet reflection for the things Jesus did for us. Of course, I didn't realize that then. But now, call me old fashioned or whatever, I kinda miss the "sanctity" of Holy Week. I don't like the Boracay beach parties during Holy Week, which were fashioned like the ones they have in Ibiza, Spain. I dunno, it just doesn't seem right, like it's sacrilegious or something. No offense meant to the people who do enjoy it, just voicing an opinion. :)

Whenever we have our family outing during Holy Week, there's a part of me feeling guilty that I am having fun. I may have my issues about certain Catholic dogmas, and I'm one who could be called a semi-practicing Catholic, but having studied at Catholic schools all my life has ingrained in me that Holy Week is a time for reflection and not for sybaritic delights. But I do admit I feel guilty before and after the outing, but not during. Hehehe...

I'm getting old. :P

Oh, but yeah, I am. I'm turning a year older in 24 days. Yaiks!

Holy Week and I have a long history together. I was born on Maundy Thursday (incidentally, my sister was born on Palm Sunday and my brother on Christmas day :p), and I recall many birthdays which fell on Holy Week. I think I even had a birthday on Good Friday :p

Maybe that's the reason I'm on reflection mode this time.