Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sometimes I wonder why we find it easier to disclose our innermost thoughts to virtual strangers. Do we find it freer because of the cloak of anonymity? Or are we afraid that the people who know us would look at us and act differently towards us if they know what we're really thinking, what we've done and what we plan to do? Would they think we've gone cuckoo if some of our ideas are atrocious? Are we afraid to be judged because of the things we've said and done? I'm sure there are a myriad of reasons, and if I list it all down, it would take years for me to finish. Whatever our personal reasons are, doesn't really matter anymore. I'm just glad that there's a venue like this where we could truly be ourselves without fear of rejection and judgement.

I watched the last semi-final round for the guys on American Idol last night. Great show as always. The men this year are way better than the girls, who are simply put, boring.

Although admitedly, Constantine Maroulis is my favorite, I think they should award the title of American Idol to Anwar Robinson right now. :p He's the best among this year's crop of talent and I've yet to see him have a bad night.

Constantine did well last night, contrary to what Simon thought. :p I think of the past three semi-final performances, last night was his personal best. Last week, I cringed when he kinda overdid Hard to Handle. Pero like ko pa din sha, kahit mejo maangas sha. Heehee!

I didn't like Bo Bice's performance last night. I think it was because of his song choice. Nabaduyan ako sa totoo lang. Maybe I was just so tired of hearing I'll Be, because every pseudo-singer-wannabe-rocker has sung it on every variety show here. I still think his voice is great, I just like him better if he was singing Classic rock songs.

Is it just me, or does Mario Vasquez look like Wilmer Valderama of That 70's Show? hahaha!


cnbgirl said...

buti na lang naimbento ang blog. :)

sarah said...

i too am an anwar convert. =) he's so good!

Debbie said...

very true...u dont have to worry about being judged. anyway take care...

Jennie said...

cnbgirl, buti na lang talaga naimbento ang blogs! :D

hi sarah! anwar rocks!

hello debbie thank God for blogs ;) take care, too!