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Friday, March 18, 2005

I thought it was summer already? How come there's a storm? Tsk, tsk. El Nino is back. We really have to take care of our environment coz it's making the weather whacked.

It's gloomy outside, and the raindrops are quite big. In a weird sort of way, I like the weather. It's a welcome reprieve from the heat of summer. I just hope a lot of people won't be greatly affected. But I heard from the news last night that a number of people have already died from the freakish weather disturbance. :(

I was planning on deleting my haloscan (again?) because it only archives for a few months and blogger now has a refurbished commenting system. However, as I was transferring the comments from haloscan to the blogger comment box, there was a note that said "comments disabled from this post", and I wasn't able to post after that. I tried fixing it (feeling!:p), but I couldn't, so I sent a message to the blogger team. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon.

Mom's next chemo was supposed to be last Tuesday, but her doctor postponed it to Saturday because mom's white blood count (WBC) was kinda low. She gave mom some medicines to make her WBC go up and advised her to eat more. Hopefully tomorrow, the treatment would push through.

As my best friend said, mom is the epitome of girl power. Hehehe. Even if she's undergoing chemo, she still goes to work. Granted that the drugs used now have less side effects than the ones that was previously used, it's still amazing how strong willed mom is. The president of the company has already told her that she didn't have to go to the office, only when she feels like it, but mom still goes. She says it fires her up, and she's taking things slowly, because her staff is competent and she just oversees their work. Maiinip lang daw sha pag nasa bahay sha.

Heehee! Did anyone notice Bo Bice's rebonded hair last night on American Idol? Kaingget! Buti pa sha. Wahaha!

Lindsey was voted off, I would have preferred it it Mikalah was the who got the lowest number of votes. She's just so annoyingly nasal. And I think Lindsey performed better than Anthony Fedorov, who was so boring. But apparently, he had more fans than Lindsey.

Oh well, at least all my bets are still there. :)

Trivia: The venue for this week's Extra Challenge is La Luz. Yup, the same resort we went to last Friday for our company outing. They filmed this week's episodes a few days before we went there. Sayang, di namin inabutan. :p

Hmmm... Holy Week na pala next week.

Happy weekend!


bullish1974 said...

the weather's gone berserk lately. i hope it doesn't spoil the holy week fun. omg, was the last sentence blasphemous?

franz said...

oo nga nakakalito ang panahon ngayon. kaya ingatan natin ang ating health para di tyo magkasakit. :)

i love bo! pero i'm torn between him and constantine. and i used to think rockers arent't my type pero obyusly exempted na sila ngyn. hehe.

i hate mikalah. sana nga sya na lang natanggal. :P

Jennie said...

mike: hahaha! nah, i don't think it's blasphemous. I was actaully thinking of the same thing. LOL!

franz: tama, health is wealth, di ba? :D

ay, pareho tayo! i look forward to watching them perfrm every week :)

sana nga mawala na si mikalah!

Jajey said...

jennie! pwede ilipat ang haloscan comments sa blogger comments? tama ba pagkaintindi ko? hehe..

umuulan na satin? aga naman..

Jennie said...

hello jajey! hehe.. manual na lipat lang ang ginagawa ko - copy & paste. :p

aga nga eh, may bagyo last week. pero ngayon, mainit na uli ;)

Jeanny said...

HI Jennie. Parang gusto ko na rin mag shift from haloscan to blogger comment. Parang mas maganda eh.

Anyway, Have a nice week. Bakasyon na namin sa ofc. Kayo?

Jennie said...

elo, Jeanny! mas maganda na ang blogger commenting system kasi, naka-archive lahat. haloscan kasi 3 months lang ang archive eh. sayang nga di ko na-save yung mga lumang comments.

have a wonderful week :) hanggang bukas ang office :)