Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My face is starting to peel. Ick. I've been trying to prevent myself from touching it, but sadly, I have not been successful. LOL.

My body has been telling me that I need the exercise since Saturday, when my muscles started to ache, after all the swimming I did last Friday. If I were in shape, my shoulder and leg muscles wouldn't be screaming bloody murder everytime I try to move. Oh well, I had a blast swimming and I have no regrets, coz the water was cool and the waves were quite high. It was heavenly.

Mom and I left the house at 5 am and got to the office by 5:30am, because our scheduled time of departure was before 6:30am. We wanted get good seats on the bus, that's why we wanted to be early :p Unfortunately, our bus was late. We were able to leave Makati before 7 am, because our stuff (bags, coolers, etc) had to be loaded in the bus.

As soon as we were moving, I started taking photos of everyone in the bus. I forgot that the bus wasn't tinted and I must have looked like a tourist happily snapping pictures. When I realized that, we were already at the corner of Ayala & Makati Avenues and the persons on the vehicles near us were looking at me. Nyahaha!

Anticipating the long trip, our bus driver got out the vcds and popped one inside the player so we could watch it. Horror of horrors, the movie he chose was Final Destination 2. Yup, the one with the massive accident on the freeway as it's opening scene. I've seen it a number of times and I told mom not to watch it coz it wasn't an appropriate movie to watch when we're on the road. As soon as we were on the South Luzon Expressway, the massive accident scene was on screen. Hahaha, parang nananadya pa! Creepy, di ba? :p

The women started screeching and we told the driver to change the vcd, which he did. Mwahahaha! That was funny. Everyone was wide awake after that. But not me. :p Since I've already seen the movie he replaced, I took out my brother's Ipod from my bag and sang along in my head. :p I fell asleep and we were already in Batangas when I woke up. It was a good thing, coz I only had 2 1/2 hours of sleep the night before.

Our destination was La Luz Resort, in San Juan, Batangas. It was about an hour from Lipa City and the last 4 kilometers were rough roads (bad for your bums :p). To reach the parking area of the resort, our bus had to go steeply up a narrow winding road, then steeply down again. From the parking area, we had to walk down a stone stairway to get to the resort. It was easy going down, but it was hard going up, specially if you were carrying big bags, and have no exercise. Haha! There's another entrance to the resort for cars and smaller vans, but since we were in a bus, we were directed to the other one.

The place was beautiful, for lack of a better word. The breeze was cool to the skin, the beach was inviting. The sand was beige and the water was in different shades of blue. I have no complaints about the place, it was breath-taking and relaxing.

The service however was dismaying. Their Manila office said that upon arrival, we were going to have welcome drinks. Of course we assumed it was going to be juice, iced tea or sodas. Hehehe... they gave us water. Pero okay lang yun, at least meron, diba? What ticked us off was how the staff directed us to several cabanas, and when our stuff was already fixed, they told us to move to the other side of the resort because they said that was the one reserved for us. Hello? Couldn't they confirm first before leading us to the other side, so that we wouldn't have to move to the other end of the resort, after we've settled down? It was such a hassle because we had to fix our stuff again and lug it off to the other end of the resort.

After some grumbling (mostly from the "oldies", we let it pass and decided to enjoy the beach. The sand was flat from our cabana to the beach chairs, but from there, it was at an angle to the water. Up close, the water was more inviting. The waves were quite strong and it was crashing on the big rock formation. Beautiful. The water was clear and we can easily see our feet.

It was a hot day, and it was a good thing I had an SPF 45 sunblock - takot ako mangitim :p Surprisingly, even if it was hot, the water was cold. Ang sarap! It was high tide, so we weren't that far from the beach and the water was already over my head.

I went snorkeling and I had so much fun! I saw colorful fishes near the rock formation. Too bad I don't have an underwater camera, it would have been nice to take pictures. Kaya lang, there were a lot of jelly fishes, averaging about 6 inches in diameter. We had to keep an eye out for them. Some of our officemates had fun flinging the jellyfishes out to the beach. Hahaha! Unahan pa sa paghahanap.

Food was provided by the resort. We weren't allowed to bring our own, just some junk food. All the guests were supposed to eat the the dining area. Eating at their cabanas and rented houses weren't allowed.

We had soup, pork teriyaki, chicken pastel, grilled tuna & rice. For desert we had fruits - pineapples, cantaloupe and watermelons. The others found it bland, but I liked it :p However, we noticed that when people went for second servings, the staff manning the buffet table were smirking. We took it to mean that people were supposed to get only one serving, but they could have placed a notice or informed the guests that it wasn't an all-you-can-eat buffet. We weren't the only ones who noticed that and one of the guests asked if it was an all-you-can-eat buffet. They said it was, which prompted the guest to ask, "Then why do you smirk when people go for seconds? That's just plain rude." I would have applauded him, but i could see that the staff was duly chastised after that. Strike 3 for the staff.

After lunch, we rested a bit before diving into the water again. I took pictures, some took naps, some played tong-its. I was in my own little world, gaily clicking away, looking for good angles. Hahahah! Feeling photographer.

Before we knew it, it was almost time for us to leave. The staff directed us to the bigger shower rooms. It was quite a walk, but I went there to change clothes in the morning and it was nice. When we got there, the rooms were locked. We didn't want to go walk back to look for a staff member then walk back again to change clothes. Tamad kasi. :p Good thing I brought my bag and cellphone was there. so I called mom to tell Tita Nellie that the rooms were locked, so she could tell one of the resort staff. Then an old lady approached us and said that they locked the doors because the water pressure was low. I asked her if she had the key, because we were directed there. She said the keys were with the front desk. Hmm.. strike 4 and counting.

By that time I was getting pretty angry, I thought they were wasting our time, so I decided to walk back to the smaller shower rooms at the other end of the resort. Halfway there, we bumped into the girl with the key to the big shower rooms. My companions told her we were going back coz the old lady said there was low water pressure. She said it wasn't true. They turned back but I didn't go with them. There wasn't any line so I was able to quickly shower and change.

My hair was almost dry and the people who showered in the big shower rooms weren't done yet. It was about 30 minutes since I've finished my shower, when the they came back to our cabanas. Turns out the water pressure was good at the start, then it turned to trickles. They couldn't go to the other room coz they were already covered in soap. Hehehe. Strike 5.

We had merienda befiore leaving the resort. I told mom that we should start walking up the steps to the bus earlier than the others so she could walk slowly. I know that it would be hard for her to go up because it was quite steep and it was high, considering she's still not a hundred percent coz she just had chemo 2 weeks ago.

We were both out of breath by the time we got to the bus. When I looked around, the others were in no better condition. We were all out of breath, which prompted one to say that it was a hellish climb. I couldn't agree more. Mga kulang sa exercise. Hahaha!

I enjoyed the trip, especially because the place was amazing. If I were given a survey before leaving the place though, the staff would recieve very low scores from me. It was difficult going there and the manner of the staff left a bad taste in my mouth (it was the smirking that did it). The wonderful scenery isn't worth another trip back to the resort, in my opinion. That's crossed out in my book.

Hopefully next year, we'd go to a better resort. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't as beautiful, but I'd really appreciate it if the service was good.

Buti pa sister ko company outing nila sa Pagudpud. Kainggit! Chie, ingat and enjoy the trip. See you on Saturday! Pasalubong! :D


dyansport said...

hellewr!!!sarap nama!beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!! kainggit...

Joey said...

Oooh, so envious! I wanna go to the beach na, but it's still so cold here!

mud said...

wow, ganda naman nung beach. sayang talaga, panira yung staff! hehehe. :D

franz said...

grabe. just by reading ur kwento, parang andun na rin ako. talagang enjoy ang trip nyo a.. i can surely tell. :) sana kami rin. :)

Jajey said...

kainggit ka talaga!!! inggit ako! i wanna go home sa pinas na..

i love the foodS! i miss pork!

take care jennie!

Jennie said...

janis, hehehe.. sarap talaga. di bale, lapit na bakasyon mo, makaka-beach ka na din :D

hi joey! sometimes when it gets really hot here, I wish I were in your part of the world. :p

hello, mud. :) sayang talaga, panira yung staff. Ang ganda-ganda pa naman doon, and it was so relaxing. hehe.. nagreklamo na yata admin namin sa Manila office ng resort. :p

ei franz! welcome back. :) basta may tubig, sigurado mag-eenjoyo ako. hehehe!

jajey! time for a vacation na, para maka-beach at makakain ng pork. :p

Clare said...

ako rin, magiging camera whore sa trip namin to bataan on!

looks like you had a great time...sana makapagbeach din ako!

Jennie said...

hello, my friend, diwata! heehee, ayan, talagang tago pa ang identity mo ah :p

i hope you enjoy your trip. show the pics ah ;)